Sorin Gheorghe


Betting software is the most important thing that a sports betting company should have

Hello all!

I hope that all the readers of the magazine together with their families are healthy and safe in these difficult and demanding times we are going through.
The field of gambling includes many categories, including that of fixed odds sports betting, a category in which I have been working exclusively since 2001.
Even if in general it is good to know more things, I consider that you cannot specialize in all areas of gambling and even less you cannot become the best in all.
That is why we, at GS BET, make exclusively sports bets, leaving the operation of slot machines to others. That is why we are looking for partnerships with slot machine organizers from all over the country, we have all the experience and skill in working with local networks.
We have developed advantageous collaborations for partners and their locations, based on mutual respect, respect that has made us offer a maximum percentage of 50% of the remaining profit. For us, this percentage represents balance and equality between partners. It represents the strength of our promise, but it also shows that our thinking is based on respect for our partner and vice versa.

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Now I see with great disappointment that most organizers who have in their portfolio and slot machines, online or other categories of gambling show a minimal interest in sports betting offering partners anything and everything, under any conditions, just to score another the address in the portfolio, a working point, an extra number on the network.
It’s a sad conclusion that percentages have started to sell and not sports bets like normal.
The offers are tempting, they sound good and the percentages are dizzying. Those who have the task to develop the network no longer make sales, but only offer percentages.
I have always tried to explain to my partners that no matter what the percentage offered, we must be interested in the basis from which the percentage offered is received. Usually the calculation base is intentionally reduced in order to provide a higher percentage. Then the product offered also matters. In vain you receive 10,000% of something that no client brings to your location.
I hope that the market returns to this old balance, returns to the values of the past and that the difference is made by the values of each company such as seriousness, experience, long-term plans, fast response times to requests, fast service, innovation, etc.


I was talking above about the product offered and I think that betting software is the most important thing that a sports betting company should have.
As you well know, GS BET brought the first betting terminals more than 8 years ago in Romania. The systems we used before that time were unable to withstand the new demands of the market. I can say that bringing the betting terminals turned out to be the right direction, a direction that reshaped the sports betting market and at the same time I defined the development trajectory of the sports betting industry. The addition of a betting terminal in the sports betting hall helped customers place tickets faster. So simple.
Now, after most bookmakers have also accessed this technology, it was a sign for us that we need to start working on something else, to add value to the field. We quickly understood that what brought us here will not take us further and that the betting product you use is very important.
Offering high percentages that we talked about a little above and the existence of betting terminals with all kinds of captivating lights and larger screens, invades the sports betting market distracting attention from the essence of the business, namely the betting application.
Nobody talks today about the betting application, everyone just explains the screens and how to place a ticket, most discuss the beauty of the buttons and how colorful the terminals are.


It has been a team effort for more than 3 years. Many resources were involved and our experience plus the skill of the team of programmers make this product the best in Romania!
The basis of this sports betting application is supported by Linux – Unix operating system – a free platform, with advanced multimedia capabilities and support for any type of hardware, being adaptable and scalable as needed.

Turnkey solution
· One virtual wallet
· Everything is modular
· Multi-channel solution
· Betting Terminal
· Cashier Application
· Online & Mobile Solution,
· Point of Sale
· Real-time analytics provided by Power Business Intelligence
· Advanced bonus configuration
· Adapted to legal requirements
· DDOS protection
· Meets PCI DSS 3.2.1 requirements
· Integration with more than 15 casino game providers
· Integration with more than 15 payment processors (bank or virtual wallets)
· Real-time monitoring of site balances
· Customize betting tickets in colors and with the partner’s logo
· Customizing over 50 parameters for each partner
· HD screens with various virtual games, live betting, international lotteries


Scale your business
· The whole solution is based on Azure Cloud
· The solutions are accessible according to your needs
· Response speed
· Integrations are done in days, instead of weeks or even months
· The whole solution is developed in-house

· .net core for services & API’s
· Angular for all consumer face applications
· all services are running in containers
· RabbitMQ – message bus
· horizontally scaled PostgreSQL database
· servers are exposed to internet over Cloudflare
· enhanced BGP routing
· EDGE cache (in more then 200 cities in more then 100 countries) – We left especially at the end this extremely important and innovative function called EDGE cache which shows us that the application is able to send to various places in the world (from over 100 countries, more than 200 cities) punctual tasks, so that we we use at the same time all the power of the computer centers available on the globe, so that each server solves small tasks, which subsequently (in the next milliseconds), the answer is displayed to the client. So we look for the server closest to the client and we use that server so that the response is fast, but it also reaches the client almost instantly. Specifically, if there is a reasonable internet connection, you will not see the message “Wait…” on the terminal screen.


In its 19 years of existence, GSBET has always sought diversity, been receptive to the new, imposed trends and applied various methods of reinventing sports betting to offer the customer a more interactive and professional approach to gaming.
Now, with the implementation of the new software, the team continues its path in the development of the network with prepared attractive offers for slot machine organizers and more.
For those who do not work with us, I still ask them to be open to collaborate with us even with a single room to test the efficiency we are proud of and to test the level of satisfaction of our own customers.

I want to thank my team for the involvement, professionalism and flexibility it has shown in all the changes we have gone through this difficult year. Certainly the challenges are not over and I am confident that we will succeed in everything we set out to do.

I would also like to thank the GSBET partners, those who are so involved and interested in making everything functional, those who quickly understood that adapting to the new conditions presupposes an increasing inclination towards the client and his needs, and to ensure them this way of all our openness and support to get through this difficult time.
I send you all my best thoughts and look forward to better days when we can once again enjoy each other’s company to further strengthen our bonds.

Sorin Gheorghe – CEO GS BET Romania