All 1.100 GSBet shops join OKTO’s cashless payment method

GSBet, the well-known Romanian land-based sports betting operator innovates and rolls out OKTO’s mobile-first, responsible payments solution across its entire retail network. OKTO solution is now available in over 3,000 self-service betting terminals, offering cashless and responsible gaming experiences in the country.

Sorin Gheorghe, GSBet’s owner and CEO said: “This partnership is a key milestone for GSBet, entering dynamically the retail digital space. Our mission is to offer our customers the best experiences and by partnering with OKTO, we further proceed in this direction.
Commenting on the partnership Liviu Popovici, OKTO’s Country Representative stated: “We are pleased with our partnership with GSBet, launching digital, secure payment experiences in an extremely significant and substantial market. GSBet understood that digital payments, besides being a new payment alternative for consumers, are primed to springboard the retail companies to the next phase of growth and fast forward in-store digital transformation. The quick and full roll-out of the solution shows how seamless is to onboard with OKTO in a compliant and smooth way whether that be for retail or online.”
Sorin Gheorghe added: “OKTO.WALLET not only satisfies the digital demands of modern consumers, but also satisfies the requirements set out by regulators in terms of safer gambling & proper supervision of self-service facilities, being suitable for all progressive businesses in the sector.”
OKTO.WALLET has set new standards in the sector with the omni-channel embedded system meeting the increasingly exacting needs of modern consumers and gaming regulators and has been adopted by a raft of leading operators across Europe. The solution unlocks mobile-first, omni-channel, embedded responsible payments across all channels, ensuring the linking of operators’ retail and online channels. As a payment platform tailored for the gaming industry, OKTO.WALLET aims to reduce payment friction and enhance the payment experience, allowing real-time e-money funds transfers in a cashless, cardless, secure and fast way.
Covering the entire gaming ecosystem and as a true omnichannel payment method, OKTO.WALLET can be integrated with all touchpoints, including EGMs, SSBTs, electronic roulettes, cashier desk, cash recyclers, across all verticals –casino, sports betting, bingo, AGC, pubs and online.

OKTO allows players to load credits directly from their mobile phones through the OKTO app to GSBet’s self-service betting terminals, gaming machines, online or any other touchpoint. Winnings are collected straight into their OKTO account in realtime and without the need for any other money-in or cashout system, making the OKTO.WALLET the first and only payment institution in Europe to adopt such an innovative approach.
The open loop status provides players with the freedom to move and use their funds as they wish instantly. A universal wallet that has applications beyond gaming, it provides consumers with the freedom to make transactions anywhere, via a virtual and physical Mastercard, which is linked to the user’s OKTO account.
OKTO platform, being always at the forefront of payments can also be offered as a fully embedded solution within the operator app or site, streamlining user’s payment journey. Whether that be a retail casino app or sports betting app, or any igaming app or site, OKTO embed the full payment/wallet functionalities inside the existing mobile betting applications.
As a wallet, and not simply a payment facilitator, the OKTO system is fully aligned with the requirements set out by Gaming Regulators across the world.
Designed to protect both player and operator, the app is fully equipped with a responsible gambling toolkit, including age verification, the ability to set cool-off periods and betting limits, fully monitored player transaction history, a P&L calculator, alongside the inclusion of problem gambling helplines – all of which enable operators to remain compliant and uphold the highest standards of social responsibility.

The platform includes API for connection to the central management system, a core transacting wallet engine, an anti-fraud mechanism, user and merchant App with associated wallets and supportive web Apps. Extensive back-office and reporting tools are included, alongside the ability to integrate loyalty programmes and additional value-added services, making it a complete, secure, and compliant payments solution.
OKTO.WALLET requires minimal operator input and no capital expenditure commitment, enabling a safe payment experience and broader payment options for consumers. Based on QR Code payment technology, the app is accessible by all smartphones.
As an entirely software driven solution with no hardware integrations and components, OKTO provides direct and swift time to market at the same time as significantly reducing the expenses of payment acceptance courtesy of an entirely cashless, cardless and paperless experience.
OKTO was the start of our digital revolution, and we are also testing a solution for bank-card payment solution at our self-service betting terminals with a well-known bank from Romania. We should be able to give the customer possibility to choose his payment method not only in on-line but also in our retail business.”

Specialized in bookmaking, sports betting, virtual games, betting cafes, casinos, and betting shops we brought for the first time in Romania self-service betting terminals.
With vast experience in the sports betting industry, we operate more than 3.000 selfservice betting terminals in more than 1.000 shops. Adding 20 years of experience, we can say that we are providing excellent service to our customers nationwide.

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