Club CASINO, the new series of informal debate shows, on the existing Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on Youtube.

At the beginning of autumn, our magazine opens a new series of informal debate shows entitled Club Casino.

The show, made in partnership with the consulting company Smart Games, aims to discuss twice a month or whenever needed, the most hot issues in the Romanian gambling industry, but also to take a look back at the industry from around the world be it online or land-based.

Periodically Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono and Vlad Roman will discuss, without curtain or care, in the minutes of the show, the most interesting aspects of the period, will have guests in the studio or will comment by phone with renowned personalities of the industry, the most interesting topics, even a gossip, even rumors.

The show will also have moments for advertising!

For the moment, for strictly technical reasons, the shows will be recorded and presented on Wednesday afternoon on the existing Casino Life & Business Magazine TV channel on YouTube, a TV channel that you can subscribe to very quickly and easily in order to be alerted when your favorite show is online.

The show that launches this early fall is a natural complement to Saturday’s Interview series and will debate in front of you, in the most original style, the most interesting topics in the gambling industry.

The show will be broadcast “LIVE” as soon as possible, which will give it an extra dynamism.
We expect, as usual, from you topics of dialogue, videos, gossip or trick questions from the gambling industry to be developed in future shows.