Bookmaker log

by George Radu

The bookmaker journal at Get’s Bet continues with good news from the betters! The fact that the offer is varied, even original, attracts more and more and pushes to inspiration! This is why fabulous gains appear, coming from absolutely novel bets.
In supporting those claimed, we present you a few examples, a few tickets with substantial gains adjudicated on decent stakes, but on novel ideas.
A day of 13 (March), Champions League day, luck day. The games of the day: Barcelona – Lyon and Bayern Munchen – Liverpool. How can one combine two games so that to get a higher, but still winning, stake? At Get’s Bet one can find options. A top customer chose the following special bets: at Barcelona he played 1/1 &Pr2+ (1 break, 1 final and minimum two goals scored in the first round) –2,57 stake, and at Bayern he went on 2& GG (2 with both scoring) –5,40 stake. From these two bets he got a 13,68 stake, gambling a total amount of 500 lei. Results: Barcelona – Lyon 5-1 (2-0) Bayern Munchen – Liverpool 1-3 (1-1). Therefore, a winning ticket with a gain of 7.222 lei, out of which, be careful, 613 was the bonus ! (photo 1)
The 9th of March was a lucky day for another Get’s Bet player, even if he chose to gamble a ticket with 13 bets. Look how 13 is, in fact, a lucky number! 13 well-chosen events, all from football, from European strong championships! From Romania, he gambled on CFR Cluj – Sepsi 1, match ended with 3-1 for the hosts, but which could have had another end, because starting with minute 70, at the score of 2-1, the Cluj players were outnumbered! The total gamble was of only 10 lei, and the stake was 278,3. But, the gain was more substantial with 40%, so that to the 2.650 lei due other 1.060 lei were added, from Super Bonus, so that it resulted a total gain of over 3.700 lei! (photo 2)

15 football events, all with stakes between 1,30 and 1,75, total gamble of 20 lei. The events from march 10th. Only the last one, the 15th, was played on March 11. With a reasonable bet: FCSB – Viitorul P1,5 (minimum two goals scored in the game), at a stake of 1,30. 3 goals were scored in the game, so that the ticket was a winner. A 5.090 lei gain, to which a 50% percentage was added for the Super Bonus, that is 2.545 lei, so that the inspired Get’s Bet player managed to win 7.635 lei! (photo 3)
So, it’s possible! It all depends on the player’s inspiration and luck! Because Get’s Bet offers plenty of options, both in bets and in bonuses, which can enhance the gains of the tickets. Good luck!

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