Bookmaker log

by George Radu

The bookmaker log at Get’s Bet continues! It is end of season in almost all the world championship, whether of the sport, but this does not mean that our offer is low! Not at all! There are great tennis tournaments, male and female (Roland Garros), finals of European Cups, plus we are getting ready for the final tournament of the European Football Championship U21 of Italy, where the Romanian national football team, with the coach Mirel Radoi, is among the qualified teams.
And this end of season caused a lot of spectacular gains! Because Get’s Bet seriousness represents a certainty, a lot of gamblers bet high amounts of money on tickets. An example is represented by the ticket in which our client bets 1.000 lei on 7 events, with odds between 1,30 and 1,60. Odds which emphasize bets on players and goals, which has led to a final odd of 8,72. Thus, there was a gain of over 9.000 lei, taking into consideration the bonus! (photo 1)
Another courageous ticket! 10 events with small odds, up to 1,85, practically he bet on the favorite ones, which has led to an odd of 55,46. Thus, to a total bet amount of 100 lei with a possible gross gain of over 6.600 lei, 1.221 lei being the amount afferent to bonus! (photo 2)
But it can be otherwise! 1 LEU! This is what a Get’s Bet bettor invested, making an odd of over 2.800 and a gain of almost 3.000 lei, which contains the bonus too! The ticket has 15 football events and is based on players and goals! (photo 3)
And not lastly, we present you a ticket with 11 events, played at signs, with odds from 1,10 to 2,05 which brought a final odd of 32,26. Because the played stake was 100 lei, it resulted a gain of more than 3.000 lei! (photo 4)

We can say that we have had an excellent end of year from financial point of view for most of the Get’s Bet gamblers. And the summer comes, which will offer you new satisfactions, because the Get’s Bet bookmakers prepare you a lot of surprises, concerning the offer. Because the given bonuses make the difference at our company. The most popular one, called SUPER BONUS, is awarded to winning tickets which contain minimum 6 played events, and create a value of gain with percentages from 5 to 100 percentages. The only condition which must be fulfilled is that the value of odds is minimum 1,25.
Each one must believe in their chance and inspiration! After this, everything remains in our care and Get’s Bet will reward you! Keep an eye on the summer offer!
Mostly because in our agencies beside the classic bets you will find other products too, as live bets, dog races, international lotteries, tex or getsix.

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