Digitization of retail is a MUST, and Net4Media has the necessary solutions

Net4Media is the newest and most complex platform for digital signage and delivery of digital content through its own global CDN, developed right here in the country, and which promises to become a key player on the digital content management market, not only in Romania, but and internationally.

In step with the technological advance and also stimulated by the pandemic period, IT products and platforms have also evolved in the field of gambling to a level that incorporates the latest technologies, but in particular allows operators in this field to manage their effectively the business and even build new lines of business. The pandemic has changed the way and environment of work, effective and secure digital communication has become essential, and the Net4Media platform offers the most modern tools along this line. It is the newest digital signage platform – for delivery and management of digital content – developed in Romania, which provides customers with multiple innovative, highly technologically advanced and extremely secure digital communication solutions.

Liviu Popovici, CCO, together with Emanuel Chioseau, CTO, are the “brains” behind this platform, and together they laid the foundations of this business that not only incorporates the most advanced technologies in the digital field but also meets the needs of digital content management in real time of gambling organizers. “I have almost 20 years of experience in the field of gambling, mainly in retail, where I managed one of the market leaders in the operation of bets and slots, Stanleybet Romania. The experience accumulated all this time in this extremely dynamic market, the observation of technological trends at the global level and the continuous need to innovate, to differentiate yourself in the context of fierce competition, led to the construction of this platform that takes the gaming experience and especially those bets in a new digital dimension, the versatility of the online gambling environment being now also available in the retail environment. Net4Media was born from a need we identified during the period of coordination of Stanleybet’s activity, namely much better operational flexibility through real-time delivery and management of digital content on screens in betting locations. The expertise acquired in operating Stanleybet helped us to develop new products that are now appreciated not only in Romania, but also worldwide.”, declares Liviu Popovici.

In the 5 years since its foundation, the company not only concluded partnerships with local market-leading operators, such as Superbet, FEG, Stanleybet, Gameworld, Winner, reaching over 40% of the traditional games market in Romania, but also expanded the client portfolio and with names such as Kiron, Vermantia, SKS Italy, Stanleybet Italy, PG, DRGT, GoldenRace. Currently, the company manages over 25,000 screens in approximately 5,000 betting and slot machine locations and this is just the beginning.

Concretely, the services offered by Net4Media include:
• Complete CMS & CDN products, Advanced Digital Content, live betting screens, a wide range of virtual game broadcasts, innovative Jackpot screens, live event broadcasts, Youtube content, IPTV&Radio, external apps, Wall Matrix (photo) & much more.
• Webinar and E-Learning platforms
• Global video streaming services at unbeatable costs
• Corporate video conference systems and solutions
• Net4Media PowerControl – a platform that allows the management of all sockets in a location so that the current consumption of that location can be managed efficiently.
• Match Promotion (photo) – product derived from IPTV and which allows, in addition to managing the TV channel on the screens in the locations, also the insertion of bets and live odds on the events taking place on them.

Emanuel Chioseaua, CTO: “As our company name suggests, we use the internet to deliver all kinds of digital content to customers. Net4Media is a very technologically advanced platform that incorporates the latest technologies in the field of digital signage, developed entirely in-house. We have developed cutting-edge data transmission, CMS and CDN technologies that help gaming operators everywhere increase their sales, strengthen their competitive advantage and significantly reduce operational costs. Thus, we can adapt to the client’s needs and we can integrate any type of products that our future partner has”.

The main advantages of Net4Media consist in the fact that all products can be managed in real time, from one location, the system was thought and designed to be intuitive, flexible and easy to learn, the software allows changing any product or strategy in just a few seconds , the level of security and privacy is as high as possible, and the implementation and operational costs are unmatched. This brings at least four major benefits to operators:
– significantly improving the management of gambling/betting locations and implicitly significantly reducing operational costs;
– increased flexibility in testing new products in locations, as they can be activated instantly;
– immediate access to a virtually unlimited variety of products that can be accessed in gaming halls, from any supplier in the industry and at virtually no additional cost;
– easing the process of expanding the network of specialized locations considering that the IT infrastructure is greatly simplified;
– increasing sales through marketing campaigns and creative promotions carried out with the help of Net4Media.

“We are at the beginning, but we are happy to see a real interest from Romanian gambling organizers for our services and products, which, at the moment, are without a competitor on the Romanian market. We have felt the interest and openness of operators in the market since last year when we attended EArena and we are looking forward to going to ICE London with our partners at PG Company where we hope to pave the way towards our goal set for 2023: international expansion with a focus on the Italian and Spanish markets. At the same time, we are happy and honored by the award given by Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first major award of the gambling industry in Romania, for “Product of the year”, which forces us to raise even more the objectives and standards of Net4Media products and services”, concludes Liviu Popovici.

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