DGL PRO team is a Romanian team dedicated to the Romanian market needs, so that its games, products and services have always followed the trends of the local market ever since 1994.
In the last years the DGL PRO team has developed products that are anchored in the operators’ needs as well as in the requests of the game participants, both for the bar segment, and for dedicated locations. Such an approach has helped us become more competitive, both in matter of products, and services too.
In the last 5 years, the Romanian slot market has registered a qualitative evolution from the point of view of the products present on the market, but also in what regards its organization, by the occurrence of the limited risk slots. Following this trend, DGL PRO has studied this evolution and in the last 2 years it has presented multiple games, both for limited risk machines and for slot machines.
The operators’ and the game participants’ needs have been carefully analyzed and thus appeared the new mixes already available at the best prices. Hot Shot 8 and 9 have become essential mixes for an operator when he needs both dedicated symbols and new elements at the same time.
Although the market of limited risk machines evolves more slowly, despite the taxes which are half the ones for slot machines and for limited wins, the new products like Hot Shot 6 and Hot Shot 9 have immediately become attractive for the game participants in most of the locations where they have been installed.
As Romanian producer, DGL PRO supports the ONJN initiative for the introduction of the limited risk machines, but a reorganization of the market is needed from the point of view of the consumption and of the purchasing power, both in dedicated locations, and outside them. Unfortunately, most of the areas outside the county residence cities or average and large cities can no longer financially support the presence of the dedicated slot halls and even of bet agencies.
For the dedicated gaming halls the DGL PRO products have attractive game programs both from the point of view of the game participant, and for the operator from the point of view of the stable gains. All our mixes have been developed using symbols and payment charts well known and appreciated on the Romanian market. We understand what is important and attractive for the game participant in Romania and we make everything possible that every game we produce is as close as possible to these requirements.

Together with the operators, in dedicated halls, by the flexibility and assistance of DGL PRO both technically and from metrological perspective, we have managed to bring our gaming mixes in as many cabinets as possible, many of them being really successful from the first month.
It has become obvious for operators that on such a competitive market success needs investments and attention to the products provided to the end client.
The DGL PRO team understands the local operators’ financial needs so that our incredible prices, our payment terms, the opportunity of testing the products are only a few from the available options.

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