About CEGS23

Anchidim Zăgrean
President ROMBET & Vice-President FEDBET

First of all I would like to sincerely thank for the generous invitation to participate in CEGS23. It was an extraordinary experience and an honor for me to be included in this special event and where I was given the opportunity to express my opinions and share my knowledge, in front of such a large audience interested in the newest in the field, but especially the presentation of gambling perspectives, given that the following reality seems to be a particularly worrying one.
The event was impeccably organized and the professionalism and effort put into making every aspect of the conference memorable and productive was evident. My appreciation also extends to the entire organizing team who worked tirelessly to ensure an excellent experience for all participants.
I would also like to express my gratitude to my fellow moderators or speakers. Each presentation was engaging and relevant, and the thematic diversity and high level of expertise contributed to a broad perspective on the topic under discussion. It was a unique opportunity to learn from others and benefit from their unique perspective on our shared field of interest.

Dan Iliovici
Vice-President ROMBET

An event that exceeded my expectations. Those who were absent motivated or not, missed out on interesting presentations and debates. Congratulations also for the organization of the related event – the Exhibition. A perfect space for presenting industry news, but also for networking.
Thank you, Casino Life & Business Magazine!

Bogdan Coman
Executive Director ROMBET

The event organized by Casino Life and Business Magazine was chosen at a very opportune moment, when the whole morale of the industry has succumbed to the dust of political proposals that are constantly coming at us. An event in which producers come with offers adapted to the current context, and in which operators can interact and take the real pulse of the times, especially through discussions with ONJN representatives, can only bring a breath of fresh air in these turbulent times through which we pass.

Mihai Corodescu
Sales Manager NEWTON Romania

It was definitely a very useful experience for me, considering that I entered this industry in January 2023. All the panels delivered relevant and useful information, both for gambling business owners and for us, the providers of services. A very varied range of topics was touched, starting with legislative ones and continuing with solutions for all the needs generated by this field.

Dafydd Williams
Head of Business Development BIG Cyber LLC

CEGS 2023 was immensely valuable, and it was great to be in Bucharest to meet and network with both suppliers and operators across the region. The diverse range of speakers and panelists provided a wealth of industry knowledge across many segments.

Liviu Popovici
President Romanian Bookmakers

Coinciding with a period of intense political challenges for the industry, CEGS23 facilitated dialogue in both directions, between the gambling market, the authority and the political environment.
The event was also a very good opportunity to present to everyone the efforts made and the professionalism shown by FedBet in the actions carried out for the representation and defense of the industry.
On the other hand, the audience had the opportunity to get in touch with the latest technological innovations in the field, which were not few at all.

Mugurel Olariu
General Manager RPD Data Protection

The summit was organized in an exemplary manner during the two days.
The panels addressed industry-specific topics, and the speakers presented current developments and trends with professionalism and pragmatic visions.
The party was notable for its varied menu, interactive discussions and culminated with the awarding of the two awards.
Excellent event and congratulations to the organizer for their involvement and success!

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