Surprises, surprises on Valentine’s Day!

by George Radu

All kinds of games are being played everywhere all over Europe, so that the chances for winning are higher and higher for the bold ones, and, especially, inspired! And what happens at Get’s Bet is live proof that anything is possible! And when all these beautiful surprises come around Valentine’s Day (14 February), life seems even more beautiful! Especially for those playing in Get’s Bet agencies, a bet house which is on top of seriousness when it comes to paying the prizes on time and precisely.
Let’s see a few “jewels” played at Get’s Bet. We’ll start with a ticket played on 13 February on the two matches from the Champions League! 100 lei played of an X at break and 1 at the end for Tottenham – Dortmund (5,60) and with the same X at break and 2 at the end for Ajax – Real (5,5), and a total quota of 30,8! It is true that the VAR decisions taken at Amsterdam contributed to the success of this ticket, but the gain of almost 3.000 lei got into our brave customer’s pocket! (photo 2).
What could we say more about the combination of PSF-s (X and 1) with a GG and a prognostic on the tennis victory of Wawrinka in front of Shapovalov? One single word – Mastery! One ticket with a stake of only 14 lei and a gain of almost 1.900 lei, thanks to a quota of 110,5. Brilliant! (photo 1).

Otherwise, we present you a winning ticket at a quota of 385,11 with a 20 lei stake and a gain of over 9.500 lei! On a ticket with 11 football events – powerful European championships. No surprises. (photo 3).
Don’t you think that these tickets are only some exceptions! There are still many! We could present you other gains as well, one more spectacular than the other! We only wanted to show you that this is possible! It all depends on everyone’s inspiration! High quotas may be winners! Both for normal results, and for the surprising ones.

We hope that by our offer, which is permanently offering generous quotas, we have offered happy moments to many, right on Valentine’s Day! And we also hope that you keep being in love every day! Don’t forget about Dragobete!