Season of events at Palace Casino Bucharest

By Livia Cocu

We all know that summer, the hottest season of the year, is the perfect time for days of relaxation and fun, not only for visitors but also for us, the Palace Casino team. We didn’t need too many rest days to return in full season with surprises that delight our prospect. In the near future we will announce a chain of events, promotions, themed evenings that aim to energize and revitalize everyone who will cross the door of the Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu.

The summer season is marked by an exceptional event called “Le petit” on Thursday, July 27. It promises to provide an evening of electrifying entertainment in a vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere. Select drinks, prepared by talented bartenders, will be available to cool and delight the refined tastes of attendees, who come together to party in an exclusive and elegant setting.

In addition to electrifying music and quality people, you can enjoy the many magical moments and the explosion of colors integrated into the theme of the event, and in addition you can delight your imagination with a visit to the Palace Casino, hosted by Casa Vernescu, an edifice built in year 1821 which even today maintains a stain of history through its impressive architecture.

Photos and videos flow faster when the fun is on, so free up your phone’s memory for new captures, stories, and posts.

The classic vintage cars that “ride” us every time during the 30s, these four-wheeled gems will add a touch of elegance and a touch of vintage charm.

As I specified in the previous article, we have developed on the online side and on this occasion I invite you to keep up with all the information on the official website where future events, services, facilities and promotions are presented Casino currents.

We always provide you with all the necessary details through the other social media platforms as well. You can write us your questions and others when you want and we will answer you. – Facebook: ”Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu Bucharest” or on our Instagram page: ”palace_casino_at_casa_vernescu” –

Palace Casino at Casa Vernescu remains a landmark of elegance and sophistication in the gambling industry. With spectacular events, fascinating exhibitions, the Casino continues to offer a complete and memorable experience for all who visit it, whether you are passionate about music, retro cars or gambling, Palace Casino Bucharest awaits you with open arms to offer an unforgettable journey in a world of fun and luxury.

Entry into the palace premises is strictly prohibited for persons under 18 years of age.

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