SBWA+ 2023: Day One – Insights, Excitement, and Connections in West Africa’s Gaming Arena

As the only media partner from Romania of Eventus International we have received the following press release regarding SBWA+ 2023:

Day One of the 8th Annual Sports Betting West Africa+ Summit 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria, set the stage for an exhilarating gathering of gaming pioneers, experts, and enthusiasts, as the eagerly awaited summit unfolded. Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a day packed with innovative discussions, game-changing insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

The day began with a welcome address from Yudi Soetjiptadi, Founder and CEO of Eventus International, who extended a passionate welcome to both our cherished local participants and esteemed international sports betting leaders.

The anticipation built as attendees were treated to an engaging opening address by Johnson Adewale FOYE, Head of Retail Operations at Nairabet (Brand Star Limited). FOYE passionately delved into the significance of B2B networking within the gaming realm, revealing its pivotal role in fostering strong industry connections and propelling remarkable business achievements.

“The connections you can make through networking not only have the prospective of turning into relationships that aid your business to grow but also, it will provide you with a competitive advantage at every level of your career.”

– Johnson Adewale FOYE, Head of Retail Operations, Nairabet (Brand Star Limited)

Later in the afternoon, participants enthusiastically engaged in a dynamic Speed Networking Session that facilitated connections with influential decision-makers and pioneering innovators in the West African iGaming landscape. Armed with elevator pitches, attendees were given the opportunity to make lasting impressions on potential partners, effectively highlighting their unique value propositions. The speed networking session seamlessly brought together fellow industry professionals, allowing for collaborative efforts and connections that are sure to lead to exciting new business opportunities.

Attendees were then treated to a Pre-Event Welcoming Reception, a dynamic SBWA+ Networking Soiree in the heart of vibrant Lagos, where the atmosphere came alive with the pulsating energy of the city. The evening buzzed with excitement, drinks flowed freely, and the air was filled with the hum of networking and building lasting connections. This spirited gathering not only inaugurated the next two days, but also fostered an environment for cultivating connections, sharing ideas, and celebrating the dynamic West African gaming community’s camaraderie and future.

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