When we say Newton we say leader and not just because Newton is one of the strongest companies in Romania in slot-machines department, but also for the fact that Newton was always there for it’s clients, evolving together with their needs. Today we’ll talk about Newton Jackpot 3.0, the system that brought the jackpot to a whole new level.

Following the discussions with ONJN in the meeting of March 26, 2014 during the IIIrd edition of the Romanian Conference on Gambling, the discussion topic introduced was the one about the jackpot systems that discharges each gain, directly in the slot-machine’s credit.

Madame President of the Office has clarified this aspect, saying that ” Discharging a jackpot directly in the slot-machine’s credit is illegal only if it does not stand out separately and is not withholding”, and also that “In case the discharge is done directly in the slot-machine’s credit, the best measure would be withholding the tax in the transaction phase while the jackpot’s history system must clearly show the taxed gain”.

At this point, Newton Jackpot 3.0 is the only system on the romanian marke that makes this stoppage in the transaction phase, sending the taxed gain in the slot-machine’s credit. We wanted this option for you so you will always be ready, avoiding the situations in which the clients become uneasy with the income stoppage from their own win. In order to keep a clean record of this new option, Newton Jackpot 3.0 system will record and highlight in its history the amount won, the tax credit and also the amount transferred to the machine’s credit, for future inspections.

This way, Newton Slots wants to encourage every other jackpot manufacturers to adopt the Newton solution for this matter, to safely remove this type of jackpot systems from an area that could become dangerous.

And that is why we say, that Newton Slots is always one step ahead in trying to be at your side, aiding you, whenever u need.

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