Most notable European event

The EUROMAT (European Gaming and Amusement Federation) Conference took place in Bucharest at the end of May, and President Annette Kok was in the attendance. The crème de la crème of the gaming organizers and producers in Romania were also there.

The event, first time organized in Romania by ROMSLOT – The Slots Organizers’ Association and AOJPNR – The Romanian Gaming Association of Organizers and Producers, hosted companies such as Novomatic, Game World, DGL Pro, Maxbet, Newton and Baum Games. In fact, Annette Kok, EUROMAT President was featured on the cover of our May publication issue.

Topics on the agenda

The regulation of the online games in Europe was one of the main talking points, as these games are now outside the licensing and authorization system in Romania. ‘From the experience of our members, a well-regulated legal framework, with fair and equal rules to both the land-based and online operators, along with the industry commitment for a responsible gaming – this is the key to success for a safe and fun environment that the state, players and the industry intend for,’ said Annette Kok, President of EUROMAT.

The list of the EUROMAT AGM 2013 topics included the country reports, delivered by the representatives of the member associations, EUROMAT activity report for May 2012 – May 2013 and the presentation and approval of EUROMAT budget. The legal news in the European Union were talked about, the reports of the EUROMAT specialty committees – i.e. Responsible Gambling Committee and Legal Committee, and also the presentation and approval of the plan of activities for May 2013 – May 2014.

The general mission of the Federation, established in 1978, which has 23 members, national associations from 17 European states, is to contribute to building a legal context and a feasible and reasonable business environment at the level of European Union for the gambling industry.


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