The eternal feminine…

We are now experiencing major changes in all strata and the local gambling industry is no exception whatsoever.

We could notice that the establishment of the National Gambling Office, managed by a female president, was able to strenghten the gambling market in Romania, which has truly prospered ever since; poker clubs are present – more and more and in various cities, the number of licensed slot machines has visibly increased – this is a sign that the ‚underground’ ones have come to light; two more live casinos have been established – one of them is run by a female director. Again, a few new gaming rooms have been opened, MaxBet has a female head person. The most recent modification is that ROMSLOT Association has changed its top executive level and today it has a 100% female structure.

Here is how the gambling industry in our country has been more aware of the female power and this sector, once considered to exclusively belong to men, is shifting, reviving and aligning with other economic branches, while entrusting women with the credence
they so much deserve…


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