GfK, one of the largest market survey company in the world, has conducted a survey, at the request of Romslot – The Association of Slots Organizers in Romania – that included a number of 1091 respondents throughout the country. Results are a surprise.

According to the study, which has an error margin of +/- 3%, a percentage of 3 of the Romanians have regularly played slot machines in the last year and 1% of them are weekly players. The study findings show that 20% of the Romanians participate in the lotto-like games, 6% are in sport betting and 3% in the online games.

Big differences among states

The people playing slot machines associate slots with socializing, fun, relaxation, game pleasure and winning. The percentage is little compared to other states. Thus, the number of participants in other European countries is four times higher. For example, in the United Kingdom, 13% of the population participated in the slot machines in 2010. Here is what Dan Iliovici, Romslot President, told exclusively to our publication, ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ – The main survey results are as such – the Romanians play slot machines mainly for fun, for entertainment and for passing the time.’ As a conclusion, 3% of the people over 18 play the slots, which is a small percentage versus 20% in the lotto and 6% in sports betting or 3% in the online games – the same online games that are currently outside the licensing system in Romania. Protection of the players in the online games is quite weak.

Men, more enthusiastic than women

Research revealed that 6% of men and only 1% of women play slot machines nationwide. As for the background of the slot players, 4% are from the cities and 2% come from the rural areas. The study has also shown that 6% of the Romanians aged between 18 and 34 and 1% of over 35 have played slots in the last year.

Profile of the slot player

According to the study, the slot players are 92% men and their average age is 29. The medium number of people in their households is 3, 60% of them are full-time employed, 65% are single, 84% have access to the internet and 74% have no children. Also, their average monthly income of the slot player is RON 1,274, while the average household income is RON2,178. Other results show that the players come in a percentage of 55 accompanied by friends, acquaintances or relatives in the gaming rooms or by themselves, but they socialize with other players. Among the people coming along with a companion is more likely to meet young people under 24, internet users, women, single people, as well as childless ones. The criteria of selecting a location include the proximity to the house, the pleasant ambiance, recommendation from friends, habits, the possibility to participate in more types of games and also the jackpot-type prizes.

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