As reported by The iGaming Post, as the festive season begins a wonderful story has come out of Las Vegas, a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous visited the Rampart Casino with a friend and won the progressive jackpot of $14 million and donated the full amount to charity.

According to the casino the man who is not a regular at the slots there took a friend who is not from Las Vegas to see the casino and within five minutes of playing on the Megabucks slot machines scooped the jackpot with just $20.

Now most people would think of buying a new house and cars along with those long holidays, but not this gentleman he decided to give the whole lot to charity along with paying for a new church for his parish as currently they use a school gym to hold services.

The man has asked the casino not to release his name when he picked up his cheque which will make life a little easier for many people this Christmas, could his name be Santa?


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