A new high-tech shuffling machine called Shark Trap System is set to hit the market next year, company officials announced last week.

The product promises to increase productivity, reduce card costs, and attain unprecedented levels of game protection.

The platform features a network of super shufflers that can detect marked cards, asymmetries, normal wear and tear, and more, all in real time. But it does so invisibly, which eliminates the need for human intervention — or the need to disrupt the games.

Shark Trap president Lou DeGregorio said. “Cheaters have more access to sophisticated cheating equipment than ever before, from online sources all over the world, and today’s advantage players are more dangerous than their predecessors, making these threats difficult to detect until long after the damage is done.”

Shark Trap Gaming & Security Systems LLC originally collaborated with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Department of Mechanical Engineering to design and build the early prototypes.

DeGregorio said the company will begin filling orders in late 2017, with installation set for early 2018.

The company had access to the largest collection of marked cards known to exist, consisting of approximately 3,000 decks with over 500 different marking systems players use to gain an edge.

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