Events, events and more events…

Here we are, in the middle of some busy times, when a large number of corporate events and ours make the scene.

Complex preparations are on the way for the Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala, or the Gambling Industry Awards Gala, so called in the media since its first edition….But we have not forgotten to keep our promise and this is why we awarded the prizes – during a weekend at Hilton Hotel in Sibiu – to the best seven Honorary Chefs, the stars who won the first place during all the editions of ‚Come to the restaurant…out of love for children’ charity event. Our list also included the best stories about violence for the final of the ‚These hands say NO to violence’ campaign, promoted by Andrei and Bogdan Stoica, world kick boxing champions.

Being a partner (for how many times now?) to the Ball of the National Grand Lodge in Romania, a high class event at Parliament, is something that we cannot forget and revel in more and more. The same for the RXF super gala in Sibiu, a MMA event that delighted everyone present.

We take great pleasure in eveything we are doing. This is why we forget nothing and, moreover, we always convey our state of spirit through either our site and also via our Twitter or Facebook profile, which already has over 10,000 fans…

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