Casino Carnival a floating casino in Goa, India

Gambling in India is heavily restricted except for selective categories like lotteries and horse racing.

In India only two states allow casinos, Goa and Sikkim. There are two casinos in Sikkim and 12 in Goa, of which seven are land based and five are floating casinos that operate on the Mandovi River.

Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population but it is India’s richest state.

Casino Carnival established in 2001, by the promoters of Goan Carnival and Leisure Pvt. Ltd.

Casino Carnival is located within the confines of the picturesque Goa Marriott Resort and Spa. It has the reputation for being the friendliest casino in Goa. Situated by the Arabian Sea, it has the largest selection of Slot Machines in Goa and a large variety of Table Games in Goa.

Casino Carnival Goa situated on the Mandovi river overlooking the capital of Goa. They have Live Table Gaming which holds the most prestigious River Card Room, fresh off the line Slot Machines and remarkable blend of entertainment and culture.

Built and designed keeping in mind the aesthetic sensibilities of its guests, Casino Carnival provides its guests with the best of live table gaming and live entertainment. Casino Carnival has been set up in compliance with international safety guideline, to ensure safety of its guests. Casino Carnival’s Boa Sorte, although fit to sail, remains anchored on the Mandovi river as per the requirements of the local government regulations.

Casino Carnival, becoming No 1 Gaming Industry Player in India, and is dedicated to quality, customer value and high standards of efficiency. The Casino Carnival image within the market place will be continually addressed to ensure we maintain the highest level of care and service that surpasses the expectations of the customers.
Casino Carnival will always be sensitive to the needs and requirements of their customers and the community and will always maintain its commitment to the social responsibilities and the environment

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