For the first edition of ‚What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar, the location was Romexpo, during the second day of E-Arena Expo, and it was an instant success.

A large audience attended the seminar, including the representatives from the newly founded National Gambling Office (ONJN) and other authorities who had an informal debate on such a rich topic, such as the Romanian gambling.

The seminar was moderated by well-known Mircea N. Stoian, a popular television character. He gave the floor to all present and helped the discussions flow smoothly.

The list of speakers included Mihnea Paul Popescu, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine, Dan Iliovici, Executive Director of Romslot, Gabriel Gheorghe, Vicepresident of ONJN, Sorin Constanținescu, President of PokerFest, Leliana Pârvulescu, Psychologist for the ‚Responsible Gambling’ Project and, last but not least, Dragoș Preda, initiator of C.A.E.S.A.R. Project.

The welcoming speech given by Casino Life & Business Magazine was followed by the individual presentations. While the Romslot representative talked about the gambling market survey that was conducted in a partnership and Leliana Pârvulescu spoke about the ‚Responsible Gaming’ project, Sorin Constantinescu succeeded to provide an excellent picture of the Romanian poker.

The opportunities that come with C.A.E.S.A.R project were very well presented by Dragoș Preda. A highlight of the seminar was the delivery about the strategy adopted by ONJN, made by Gabrial Gheorghe, Vicepresident of this institution.

The informal nature of the seminar made it easier for the audience express their satisfaction about it. They considered that its inclusion into Entertainment Arena Expo is very welcome, as it is the best transition stage to the third edition of the Romanian Gambling Conference in February 2014.

Casino Life & Business Magazine give acknowledgments to all the people present at the seminar, starting with the moderator, speakers, the participants to this major event.

Likewise, our publication, the first gambling magazine in Romania, thanks to its partners, such as DGL PRO and Romslot, whose presence and activity were crucial for this seminar, and also to the media partners, Bursa newspaper and The Money Channel.

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