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The 2013 edition of E-Arena Expo was hosted by the exhibition center Romexpo. The most influential companies in Romania attended the only gambling fair in this country and showcased their latest in terms of gambling room equipment. Our publication ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ was also present and organized the first edition of the ‘What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar.
We have talked to some of the most prestigious exhibitors, who gave us some feedback on this event.

1.How was this year’s edition of Entertainment Arena Expo, as far as the organization, exhibitors, visitors?

ANTON VLAD – EXPO 24, organizer for Entertainment Arena Expo

The data of this year indicate an increase of the booth surface area for Entertainment Arena Expo, which is almost double compared to 2012.

This comes from the change of venue that allowed us to expand the booths and have new exhibitors. As for the number of visitors, there were 768 registered as individuals, which will take us to circa 1,000 entrances by extrapolation. Many of them visited every day. The data above are satisfying, which confirms a stability of the exhibition during the last years.


This edition was an absolute success for Novomatic group of companies in Romania.

Like every year, we had a large number of visitors and a significant exposure of our products at our booth.


A successful edition, from our point of view. E-Arena 2013
remains one of the major events in the Romanian gambling industry. In Baum Games agenda, this is a top event.

We had a new booth, our visitors enjoyed it, we launched the new multigames platform, Dracula’s Games VI. We also checked off this chapted, and all three new games in this latest version of multigames were welcomed by the visitors. All these taken together allow us say that the exhibition was a real achievement. Should we look through the evolution prism, we are looking forward for Entertainment Arena Expo 2014, where we want to add a ‘must do better’ to each chapter.

As for me, I consider that the edition of this year has been successful.

The organization was extraordinary and the fact that Romexpo accommodated it greatly contributed to it.
For the exhibitors, there were not any surprises, it was only us who knew one another, with pretty much the same products as ever.
We received the visit from the Romanian operators we already knew, but there were some new faces from abroad.


A 2013 edition with a small group of exhibitors, as many visitors as last year, but a better organization.

Entertainment Arena Expo is an extraordinary networking opportunity for all the companies in this sector. This year it brought together the most important actors on the Romanian gambling market and the event helped us ‘feel the pulse’ of this industry.

It is for the second time when Romslot takes part in the exhibition, just because Entertainment Arena Expo is the annual representative event for the gambling market and slot machines in Romania.

As far as I am concerned, the exhibition has surpassed our expectations, at least compared with what we saw in the last two years. The organization was much better, a few new exhibitors (who are not regulars), the number of visitors was higher than in the previous editions –maybe thanks to the time of the year when they opened the exhibition – as most of them were coming back from vacation. I have also seen new products, which confirms that the industry is no longer stuck but it is continually adjusting to its clients, technology, from a permanent desire of the organizers and manufacturers to bring satisfaction to the market.

This year, the exhibition came back to Romexpo, which is the greatest exhibition center in Romania. For Get’s Bet, this was the first time to be an exhibitor at Entertainment Arena Expo. Thanks to the organizers, we consider that the event was very fruitful on our part.

2. What exactly did you bring to the exhibition and what was the novelty of your company in comparison to the previous years? Please give us details.

The single offer, valid throughout the exhibition, of purchasing equipment at affordable prices, has been a great success for us. As we are already used to, all the Novomatic products have facilitated us to strengthen our cooperation relations with clients, older and new partners. The novelty this year was the new Dominator cabinet with the NOVO LINE Interactive multi-game mix.

E-Arena 2013 has been our launching platform for Dracula’s Games VI, the latest version of the multigame signed Baum Games. This is a version that brings three new games, such as Red Dragons, Aztecs and Jewels. Count Dracula returns and brings with him new friends – Dragons, Aztecs and Diamonds. RED DRAGON is a game of a special graphics that stands out from our other games, by another manner of selecting the lines and the paths where the winning combinations show – called ‘Super 243 Way’. Upon winning the Free Games, the player can choose the number of free games to be played. The player can also select the volatility and he may be pleasantly surprised to receive a substantial prize from ‘
Turtle Bonus’. AZTECS brings upfront the topic and the symbols to have been selected, but it surprises by the adrenalin of the substantial winnigs, a ‚Lucky Win’ with all the 40 selected lines could bring the bet multiplication by 80,000 times.

JEWELS is still a classic at first sight, but it will not miss the podium. It allows to have winning combinations from left to right, from right to left and also on the middle jewels. Again, the ‚Lucky Win’ can bring the bet multiplication by 50,000 times for all the 10 selected lines.


We came here with our classical CLUB MASTER, namely the GSM accounting system for the equipment. The novelty for CLUB MASTER was to change the hardware platform with a second active screen and the opportunity to implement the ID003 protocol for the bill acceptor and also of the SAS protocol for accounting and a Jackpot system. The innovation for the GSM accounting system is to add the Jackpot function for the room, with the possibility to expand towards WideArea Jackpot.

This year, INNOGATE came with an impressive range of new products for our clients. Among the best concepts, we can mention the following:
MEGA KONGTM is the follow-up to the widely successful progressive concept KING KONG CASHTM. The new 4-level progressive link with 4 levels of jackpot gives two rounds as bonus: MYSTERY KONG Bonus and MEGA KONG Bonus. For the two types of bonus, the hit frequency is almost independent of the actual bet. The chances to enter one of the bonuses improves with an increasing bet in the base game. MEGA KONGTM has been designed with regular players in mind, who appreciate the chance of hitting a jackpot on a more frequent basis. Every time the players get into MEGA KONG Bonus, they have a reasonable chance of hitting the highest jackpot.

More options, more fun, more profit!

The multigame solution from Spielo International offers a broad range of casino games in a complete package. Featuring brand new and top-ranking, diversityTM allows the players to select their preferred game type and volatility from one single gaming machine.
Every diversityTM provides a suite of 10 premium games (except for BEST OF VOL1 that incorporates 11 games), including stand-alone CASH FEVERTM and DOGGIE CASHTM progressive titles. diversityTM brings variety in limited spaces, it has the potential to induce a higher number of games played by the machine, rises the profit per client of the operator and attracts new players. The players can access multiple options of volatilities and select the game type. For every game, they can choose the denomination and the bet on an individual basis, while the paytable is displayed on the upper screen.

Travel through Egypt and discover another game experience! During this journey, the player unlocks more functionalities and additional bet options. Starting with Status2, the BONUS SELECTION starts, enabling the player to select his bonus feature. When the player reaches the highest status, an additional award is randomly by Tutenchamun. In the five-level Progressive Playoff, the player chooses among Sarcophagi to collect treasures and win up one of the jackpot levels.

EGYPTIAN GOLDTM is the first progressive game launched by Spielo International that uses the concept of Episodic Gaming. As the player goes forward into the game in successive statuses, he can save the current status to reactivate it in a following game session. There are reached new functionalities and bet options from one status to another. When the last status is reached, there is a chance that Tutenchamun gives another big award. A map will illustrate the player’s progress during his journey.

Playtech company has showcased several products, such as:

– the Bling slot terminals, which is a complex terminal with an interesting mix of games, well-known on the market.

– As a novelty, it came with its Winner concept of betting houses and with a possibility of franchise from the prospective clients.

– Another change was with the Bling betting terminals, which have implemented a very flexible and interactive platform for the player.

– Presentation of an online platform variant, still unavailable in Romania due to the legal context, with the purpose to educate the prospective clients in this sector.

We wanted to participate to the fair this year because we had developed the project with betting terminals.

This is not a novelty in Romania, but the betting types and the corresponding products (sport betting, dog races, Texas Hold’em) are singular in the country.

3. What is your take on the first edition of ‘What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar? How did you like the initiative of our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine’ to organize this seminar during Entertainment Arena Expo?

It is a commendable initiative, as it has facilitated a constructive debate, in a nice environment, among all the people involved in the gambling industry – manufacturers, supppliers and organizers. This seminar was able to point out at the current status of the gambling market and prompted a dialogue to identify new opportunities of promoting the projects on this market. We have appreciated the fact that this seminar was organized during Entertainment Arena Expo – it allowed the presence of a generous number of representatives from professional associations and companies on this market, and also from the National Gambling Office.

We applauded the initiative with a great enthusiasm. It is important to know ‘what’s the time…in gambling’. This first edition started off on the right foot, during the E-Arena exhibition. We are looking forward to the next editions and promise to be present there.

That was an extraordinary initiative, which belongs to the trend of the exhibitions abroad.

An excellent initiative of your publication that we hope it will continue for the next editions of Entertainment Arena Expo.


We have truly appreciated this initiative, as it has provided us with the opportunity of a debate so as to know exactly the current status of the gambling market. This seminar was a great occasion to have positive debates among the gaming and gambling actors in Romania. Another helpful fact was that the seminar was scheduled during the Entertainment Arena Expo, and had the benefit of having entertainment specialists in attendance. We have enjoyed being among the partners of the first edition of ‚What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar, as ROMSLOT is one of the strongest supporters of a permanent dialogue with everyone involved in this market. There were discussions about the status of the Romanian gambling market and the interlocutors were the ONJN regulation authorities and representatives and officials in the connected sectors.
We had the opportunity to talk about the development of Romslot and our permanent engagement in the slot machines market, via an active participation to the devising and implementation of the legal framework and regulation for this industry.

We have also approached the topic of the most important results of the first survey on the Romanian market, conducted by Gfk Romania at our initiative, a study that examined the gambler’s profile.

We went on with the presentation of the ‚Responsible Gambling’ program, which aims to prevent, identify and help the players with gambling-related problems. This initiative wishes to keep tabs on the risk of the gambling-related problems emergence and provide the players with means of entertainment and relaxation. Talking about ‚Responsible Gambling’, we had psychologist Leliana Parvulescu join us as a representative of the Romanian Bookmakers (Patronage of Betting Organizers), which is Romslot’s partner in this program.

It is a laudable initiative, and once again ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ managed to catch the attention of the organizers and also of the authorities representatives, as they attended the seminar by the new structure with a deeper involvement. This outcome can only make us rejoice since this is how things should work – a close cooperation between organizers and authorities that will make this context healthy and effective for both parties.
Congratulations for your professionalism and keep up the good work!


As we consider the establishment of the National Gambling Office, we think it was a very welcomed initiative.

ANTON VLAD – EXPO 24, organizator Entertainment Arena Expo

We very much appreciate that your magazine organized the ‘What’s the time…in gambling’ seminar during EAE. This event was beneficial for everyone, exhibitors and visitors alike, which leads us to believe that this seminar should turn into an annual experience – you will have our full support. The same appreciation goes towards the first-time organization of Entertainment Arena Awards, where the audience voted the following companies as winners:
‘The product of the year’ – Novomatic,
‘The manufacturer of the year’- Baum Games,
‘The best graphics’ – Bulgarian company EGT,
and ‘The best booth’ – Merkur Gaming.

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