CT Gaming presents a new slot machine and Jackpot at EAExpo in Romania

CT Gaming will present its latest product releases at EAExpo in Romania that include the next generation of slot machines Next and the newest multigame with Progressive jackpot Golden Link.

“CT Gaming’s passion for creativity will be overflowing in booth #107 at the upcoming Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest, Romania, where we will bring the ultimate gaming experience through our latest offerings”, commented Valentina Dobre, General Manager for Romania at CT Gaming.

CT Gaming is debuting the Next slot machine, combining innovative technology with breathtaking software. With cutting-edge design combined with the company’s latest multigames from the Diamond King series and Mega Jack 2021, NEXT features two 27″ UHD monitors and a 27″ video topper, which is optional. With a convenient play deck, a large CMS panel, a button panel, a built-in i-deck, and a built-in USB for phone charging, the slot machine is a reliable product designed to bring excellent results to operators and a great customer experience.

“We are excited to invite our customers and partners to get acquainted with the newest slot machine at our stand”, said Robert Stancu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming, Romania. The slot machine will present the multigames form the Diamond King sreies and the new Mega Jack 2021 multigame. Consisting of 50 games, the Diamond King series offers a unique experience, combining the emotion of playing 50 games, including 40 of the most preferred titles as well as brand new ones, along with ten games connected to Diamond Tree Jackpot. The innovative progressive 3-level Diamond Tree jackpot that could be won on any bet has an exciting concept. Diamond Tree has a strong Jackpot theme, visuals and sound, awarding multiple progressives and bonus values at a time.

The Mega Jack 2021 multigame is a unique 3 in one product with 40 games, offering two exciting jackpot concepts. Sixteen of the games in the game pack are linked to the 3-level Progressive jackpot Diamond Tree and six titles are connected to the 2-level Jackpot Chilli Link. In the same time the player can chose among the rest of the 32 classic games, which include the famous and most played fruit titles, games with free games, various bonuses and many more.

CT Gaming will showcase more innovative products at its stand, such as the latest multigame with Progressive Jackpot Golden Link. “We are creating the ultimate experience that perfectly showcases our passion for what we do,” commented Robert Stancu.

The excitement of the game is brought to new heights with the release of the new multilevel progressive jackpot Golden Link. Golden Link is an innovative Jackpot that makes the player willing to get more while expecting to hit the levels. It is linked to four games with a 5×5 layout. All the games are carefully selected to appeal to the players’ tastes, being among the most prefered from CT Gaming’s rich portfolio. The Jackpot levels could be won at any bet.

All the symbols in the games can convert to golden coins during the game, and each golden symbol on the screen is collected in a Bonus chest. When 10 to 14 golden symbols appear on the screen simultaneously, the chest opens, and Bonus winning is paid off. There are two more levels of the Jackpot – Major and Mega. When 15 to 19 golden symbols appear, the Major level is hit. If 20 or more precious characters show up in the game, the Mega Jackpot is won.

“Golden Link has immense potential. It is housed in the EZ MODULO TOWER™ slot machine that combines the ultimate gaming experience with quality craftsmanship. The slot cabinet features a unique 43-inch UHD J-curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities“, explained Robert Stancu.

CT Gaming’s diverse range of products and services includes as well a Casino management system that covers every aspect of the land-based operation, helps drive revenues, and optimises product and staffing. Rhino CMS delivers a compelling player experience and a wide range of innovative functionalities to give a competitive advantage and drive revenues. It provides real-time monitoring and notifications across the entire gaming floor, including slot management and live games management, featuring a loyalty program and jackpot payments on the floor.

“With our latest product releases, we offer a highly immersive experience, combining great design, visual appeal and innovative solutions. EAExpo provides a prime platform for us to showcase our innovations to the Romanian customers and illuminate how our solutions can deliver incremental growth and complement land-based gaming enterprises”, commented Valentina Dobre.

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