Merkur Cea mai înaltă the highest

The highest recognition of Merkur Gaming in Ukraine, the country that has just adopted new gambling regulations.

A Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation has been signed between Merkur Gaming in Germany and the Expert Advisory Board of the Gambling and Lottery Regulatory Commission of Ukraine.

The effect of the document is to give Merkur the highest level of recognition in the country that has just adopted new gambling regulations.
The new laws in Ukraine, issued in September last year, include new gaming specifications and are assigned to hotels of three stars or more, giving them the right to operate casinos.

The suplyers of these places will now include the highest recognition for Merkur, as a partner that opens in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.
A showroom will open once the current Covid-19 regulations are eased to offer German slots to local operators.


Sakis Isaakidis, CEO, International at Merkur Gaming, said: “The news in Ukraine is inspiring for us and for the entire gaming industry. Historically, difficult times have always created opportunities and this is clear in this case.
Merkur Gaming is fully committed to bringing its vast experience – both as a successful manufacturer and operator – to work with the authorities to create a new market opportunity that will create many new jobs, create new wealth and be, by law, a socially responsible gaming environment in Ukraine.
The overwhelming feeling, the aura as we call it, is already extremely positive and it will increase as real operations open up. There are still many challenges to be solved, but we look forward to helping you with these challenges. met.
As has been said many times, in order to get the best result from new opportunities, it is necessary to always be in the right place at the right time. Merkur Gaming is achieving this and will continue to do so in the future, as we actively work together to make Ukraine’s new future a resounding success. ”

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