The new strategic partnership between Net4Media and PG Company expands internationally a new collaboration formula that brings together advanced technology, innovation and deep knowledge of the demands of Operators in the most competitive Gambling markets in Europe.

In record time, through a unified approach focused on offering complex technical solutions, we managed to promote together, both directly and by participating in ExpoArena Bucharest and ICE London, the product portfolio designed specifically to give a competitive advantage to who want to quickly increase to an incredible level the flexibility of the offer to customers, substantially reducing a large part of the costs related to installations, hardware, mounting or excessive prices related to the bandwidth used for data traffic for streaming.

The Net4Media solution is already used in Romania by most Retail operators, remotely managing over 30,000 devices located in thousands of agencies. It is also already successfully used in Italy, and is currently in various phases of implementation or negotiation with other new international operators, the contribution of PG Company being an important one, promoted through the new PGMedia division, specially created within this collaboration.

Here is what declares Mr. Liviu Popovici, CCO of Net4Media:
“The entire society is digitalizing, the generations coming after are developing in a digital interactive environment, and the online gambling environment is already a viable option in this context. Retail gambling operators are obliged to join this trend and Net4Media comes to meet this need. The multitude of complex technical modules developed on the Net4Media platform as well as the partnerships concluded with different providers of game platforms or live event streams offer all gambling operators customized solutions to join the digitization race.
One of the very special partnerships is the one with PG Company, where the creativity and innovation of the products developed by PG enhance the high-tech platform offered by Net4Media.”

At the same time, PG Company managed in a relatively short time to have an important market segment with its virtual products, specializing in the production of horse and dog races with real images, alongside which lottery products have recently debuted. It recently obtained an ONJN Class II license and soon these highly appreciated products already on the Italian gambling market will also be available in Romania.
Another reason for pride and joy for PG Company is the signing of a collaboration contract with SportRadar, which is based on a cross-integration of the virtual products of the two companies, so that both will be able to offer in more than 50 countries all the virtual games that they have them together.

Mister Massimo Esposito – CEO PG Company, shares with us some considerations regarding the general context and future plans:
“What distinguishes PG Company’s partnership with Net4media is the shared vision and attention to detail related to the highly competitive services offered and the development of complex and complete solutions.
PG Company, through the agreement with Net4media, is able to offer its customers the possibility of adapting on the fly to the new demands of a gaming market which, precisely because it evolves rapidly … is not always very attentive to details, to technical innovation and commercial logic. We work focusing on the future, without neglecting the good things done in the past. Believing in the fusion of the diverse energies of our clients (operating in the front line in contact with the final clients) with those of our companies, allows us to face and solve professionally any of their needs.
If I were to summarize what unites us…I would say: ambition, dedication, determination and the constant desire to improve!”

Here are some details about the two partner companies:
Net4Media started as a Digital Signage platform designed specifically to digitize the retail gambling industry. It has gradually developed into an advanced digital ecosystem of products and unique software platforms that enable the delivery and management of digital content of any type as well as the management of the entire equipment infrastructure of large retail chain networks. It can thus ensure the management and control of the electrical infrastructure, the automated control of people’s access to gambling locations in accordance with the legislation in force, advanced Video-Conference platforms and E-Learning tools, innovative Jackpot display systems, a global network CDN with presence on several continents.

Practically having all these innovative tools embedded in a single platform gives any gambling operator an immediate competitive edge in the market due to the following key advantages resulting from the use of this platform:
• Very low costs for developing and managing the hardware infrastructure
• The ability to have immediate and practically unlimited access to any number of new gambling products and providers
• Zero costs and instant deployment for any new products or product changes across the entire network of gambling locations
• Increase sales through advanced product promotion and customer retention tools
• A superior experience for the operator’s customers who can now interact directly with digital content in retail locations
• Customizing the products and the platform according to the needs of each operator

This complex and extremely intuitive to use platform meets the large retail operators as a modern fully automated network management alternative that allows, in addition to the cost reduction part, and an important component responsible for increasing the vital income in the increasingly competitive context the fiercest and of the trend of increasing the level of taxation of the gambling industry. In addition, the unique experience offered to customers through Net4Media is sure to help increase sales both horizontally through new customer acquisition and vertically through cross-selling.

Net4Media’s management team’s over 20 years of experience in the gambling industry made it easy to identify both the needs and the technical challenges needed to build this complex digital ecosystem for any retail chain in the gambling industry.

Net4Media’s creative and development team ensures the continuous enrichment of the platform with new features to further support gambling operators and provide them with unique differentiators in the market. In the near future we plan to launch a new component designed to generate additional revenue from third-party industries and suppliers outside the gambling industry.

For us each client is unique and has unique needs that require development and implementation. We are not fans of selling a standard solution for everyone, but of ‘taylor made’ solutions for each of our partners. We develop win-win partnerships as individual needs help us to further refine our platform.

We are a young company, but the complexity and uniqueness of the platform and the way we develop partnerships have ensured us a particularly rapid expansion, with Net4Media services already available on 3 continents and over 10 countries.

To deal with and support this rapid pace of development, we have entered into strategic partnerships with major global equipment and telecom suppliers and created our own production lines in Asia for various types of IT equipment and devices.

PG Company – is a software production and management company specializing in the development and distribution of gaming systems and platforms.

The company offers four lines of activity: PGVirtual, PGPlatform, PGAggregator and the most recently born: PGMedia.

PGVirtual deals with the development and distribution of virtual games for the gambling sector. The virtual games offered by PGVirtual include a wide variety of casino games, sports betting and lottery games.

PGPlatform is a global, customizable and technologically advanced game solution that allows the best management of user networks that, through its functionality, intuitiveness and system malleability, allow extremely dynamic and flexible access to all game sections.

PGAggregator is a product container that includes both internally developed games and a whole range of gaming products offered by its partners.

Here it is worth mentioning all of SportRadar’s virtual products which together with PG Company’s horse and dog racing are a great deal for any operator’s customers.

PGMedia is a CMS platform that offers a wide range of online media management, content and distribution functions. The platform is designed to provide customers with a complete solution for creating, managing and distributing online multimedia content.

The content management system allows operators to do this in a way that may have seemed unimaginable in the past, allowing the creation of multiple levels of authority with the ability to manage the entire network simultaneously or to decentralize management to a region or even agency level. In addition, PGMedia also provides partners with a content delivery network (CDN) that enables betting operators and casinos to provide their users with the best possible gaming experience. The CDN is a distributed system of servers, thus reducing loading times and improving the user experience.

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