Ultimate entertainment

Both children and adults are fascinated with the video games. The success that this type of entertainment has is huge and visible in the sales numbers.

The Spanish version of the well-known magazine ‚Forbes’ has published a list of the video games that have sold the best at all times. Thus, the first position is taken by Wii Sports, created by Nintendo in 2006 and sold in 81.4 million copies. Super Mario Bros, the legendary game designed by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1985, sold in 40.2 million copies and holds the second spot in the list. Mario Kart Wii, launched in 2008, comes on the third after selling in 33.5 million copies. Wii Sports Resort in 2009 was sold in 31.5 million copies, while Pokemon Red/Green/Blue in 1996 reached the number of 31.3 million copies.

Tetris, with the elite

The classical video game Tetris, created in 1989, sold in 30.2 million copies and was an inspiration for many companies. New Super Mario Bros, the 2006 version, was sold in 29.2 million copies. Other games that have enjoyed a great success among their players in terms of sale are Wii Play – in 2006, 28.7 million copies; Duck Hunt, in 1984, 28.3 million copies; New Super Mario Bros, the 2009 version, in 27 million copies.

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