Whoever makes a mistake does not win

The number 2 USA nuke commander has been suspended from his position. He is due to be investigated by authorities for issues related to gambling.

A very uncomfortable posture for American vice-admiral Tim Giardina, a military experience of over 30 years in the American army. The officials stated that vice-admiral Tim Giardina has been suspended since September but the decision has not been yet made public.

Fake chips

Giardina is accused of having used fake poker chips at Horseshoe de Council Bluffs Casino in Iowa.
The vice-admiral has joined the army 34 years ago and served as a second commander of the Pacific Fleet, prior to being assigned to his current position in 2011.
The Iowa authorities launched an investigation on Giardina in June, after being alerted that he had used fake poker chips at Horseshoe Casino.
The strategic command military base where Giardina worked supervises the nuclear weapon submarines, nuclear ships and the launching platforms for the nuclear missiles. Similarly, they monitor the military satellites and the network that becomes active during a cybernetic war.

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