A little while before this year’s edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo we talked to Mr. David Coldea, sales manager at BAUM GAMES, about the preparations for the exhibition, the new things prepared by the BAUM GAMES campaign, and, of course, about the current legislative situation in Romania.

What are your expectations from this year’s edition of Entertainment Arena Expo?

As always, we want as many visitors as possible. As each year the number of our visitors is increasing, we are expecting a large number of gambling and sports betting lovers at this edition of Entertainment Arena.

What booth can the fair visitors find you at?

202. The location is different from last year, but, as you are already used to, the BAUM GAMES booth will stand out and will be visible from any corner of the exhibition.

How do you welcome your visitors?

With the Transylvanian hospitality, first of all. Then, we have 100% local snacks and a few musical moments, out of which the highlight will be the recital of the girls from Amadeus.

What products and services does BAUM present at this year’s exhibition?

It has already become a habit that at each Entertainment Arena edition we present, for the first time, a new version of our multigame, Dracula’s Games.
If last year we came with Dracula VII, 2015 is the year we release Dracula’s Games VIII, a multigame containing the best 5 games created by BAUM GAMS, to which we added 3 new games: Viva Mexico, La Corrida and the premium game Dracula On Forty.
This new product is the result of the research and experience BAUM GAMES has gathered for over 20 years in the field of gambling in Romania. In fact, this whole experience, especially the one in the field of operating, has helped us create better, more competitive products which better suit the local market.
This statement is also backed by the fact that the slots produced by BAUM GAMES recover their investment most quickly and are attractive both to operators and to players.

How does the current legislative situation in Romania influence the game producers in general, and BAUM in particular?

You know well that the legal changes have brought new things both on the operating side and on the games production side, but our almost 23 years of activity have taught us to adapt very quickly to all legal changes, especially that some of these changes clarify the Romanian market in this field.

The Baum company has its own booth at many international events in this field. How is Earena different from these events?

Indeed, we take part in many events of this type throughout the world, but E-Arena means “home”, especially as we’ve been present since its first edition. This is the event which is closest to our souls, of all events.

The Exact Time in Gambling takes place, once again, within the exhibition. How do you comment? Do you consider a new edition is appropriate right during the Entertainment Arena Expo?

I think this is the best time, considering that all important players in the Romanian gambling industry are present at the Entertainment Arena.
On this occasion, the same as every year, we can discuss openly and within an organized manner the latest novelties in the industry.


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