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Rumors say that people with 4 as their destiny number are very outgoing, they can get along with everyone. MaxBet room at Afi Palace Cotroceni, 4 Vasile Milea Str., was opened on November 4, 4 years ago

We said yes to the invitation made by MaxBet to visit one of the most refined and luminous halls in the portfolio. So, we went to AFI Palace and walked eagerly and enthusiastically under the lucky arcade that signals the access to the gaming room, on the first floor, close to the food court and entertainment, right next to Imax.

On November 4, when operator MaxBet opened the AFI room, this location was its largest in Romania. Bigger than the one downtown, at Universitate, which we introduced in our previous issue, MaxBet Cotroceni spreads over 470 sqm.

There are 115 slots from Novomatic, Atronic, EGT, Casino Technology and Williams, plus 2 electronic roulettes, one manufactured by Alpha Street and the other one by the Bulgarian company EGT.
To complete the 8 classical spots, the roulette has 7 gaming terminals, where the guests can play both the traditional European Roulette and also BlackJack, a new facility much enjoyed by the audience.

You cannot miss the roulettes, since they are located in the hall next to the big TV screen, which usually plays the sport channels. I did not have the time to ask the staff whether the Romania – Greece game had been watched curiously, for 90 minutes or maybe until the minute 23. And this is because I noticed, in the opposite corner of the hall, the bar…that is free for all the clients. Of course, I forgot about the soccer game.

The pleasant, helpful barristers made me a delicious latte macchiato in no time – a decaf, because it was past noon. I was looking at them in delight how they were mixing fine drinks and exotic flavours into the most colourful tropical cocktails.

I asked about the schedule for MaxBet location and they said non-stop. The shopping hours at AFI Palace Cotroceni end at a certain time, but fun never does. To make it possible, there are 16 attendants, 3 barristers and 1 manager who dedicate 100% of their time to the activity at MaxBet.

The clients here are most males, as expected, but a large number of them have above-the-average income, unlike at the other rooms. The social dimension of the game is visible here, as most of them come with a companion or spend time with other players. Also, the female minority at AFI Palace stands out by beauty and elegance, thus making the place more captivating.

The MaxBet Cotroceni room has participated in the anniversary campaign initiated by MaxBet on its turning 10 on the Romanian market. It hosted one of the biggest tombolas of the year, where the big prize was a fancy and prestigious Mercedes C class, along with other cash bonuses of 15,000 lei in total. The drawing took place on November 29 and was watched by 150 regular clients, who enjoyed a fulminating atmosphere, erotic dance shows and a great concert by Andreea Banica.

The 10-year campaign for MaxBet ends with a mega-party, signed Bonus Club, where the prize is a Mercedes Benz CLS limo. The drawing will be on December 19 at MaxBet Budapesta location and is an invitation to all the best clients of MaxBet. Pepe is one on the surprises list, with a show filled of latino rhythm and passion, along with a mysterious and thought-provoking magic show.

And since the holidays bring gifts every year, MaxBet cannot be an exception. All the MaxBet rooms in Bucharest and in the country will have ‘ten magic days’ between 9 and 20 of December, with tons of prizes in cash, electronic products and others.

It seems that Santa Claus stops first at MaxBet this year!
I hope that all the MaxBet clients, and not only, to look at gambling as entertainment. Until the next description of another room, I wish you PLAY RESPONSIBLY during 2014!


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