The first half of this interval will bring you a big chance to make money. After that, be on the watch out because you might have to pay some fines or due charges.

Your partnerships or business alliances will turn into material advantages for you. If involved in affairs abroad, so much the better on your side.

Event though things are not going your way, everything will work just fine. You just need to have patience and take them all slowly.

Your bank account will increase, thanks to your job. It is possible you make certain expenses that have not been scheduled in your agenda.

Your gambling chance will be your companion, mainly in the first half of the interval. You could sign the papers for a partnership that will bring you an important sum of money.

Expenses are growing at a constant pace and the risky investment is not the best thing to do. Be cautious in everything you are doing, otherwise you could land yourself in trouble.

You are rather hasty this time of the year, which might mess up with your things. On the other hand, your financial nuisance is very likely to go away.

Your skills in business are excellent for most of the time. You will be truly inspired and success will not be late to meet you.

A lot of fuss for your material resources. You will make some money, but your spending is going even higher that you thought.

An investment for your household will be made, yet not scheduled. However, you will be quite restless for a while and feel the need to spend on entertainment.
In all, things are not coming out smoothly but your finances are not as bad as they seem. One of your friends will give you a tip to bring you some cash.

Your taste for fun will make you go deep in your pocket. Be careful, you could be double-crossed towards the end of the interval.

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