Ramona Badescu in an exclusive interview for the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

A star since 4, Ramona Badescu thanks God for giving her the chance to do whatever she has always wished and sees herself as a lucky woman

Hello, Ramona Badescu and thank you for saying yes to this exclusive interview for Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first gambling magazine in Romania.

Here is the first question:
When did you become a public figure and why?
I could say that since my childhood. At 4, I had my first public show on the national television channel, during the premiere for the ‚Cabana melodiilor’ show. Then, a series followed on the local television, like ‚Antena va apartine’ show in Craiova. How can I forget that back then I sang one of my father’s melodies ‚Sunt Ramona din Craiova’.
At that time, in the 70’s, I was one of the first children in Romania to record a disk with songs with Electrorecord.

How do you accept the idea of this position?
I thank God for giving me the opportunity to do what I really want and I see myself a lucky woman. Since I was a child, I have wanted to do the job I have now. I remember that I liked singing, dancing, doing shows. My parents were advising me to go to a faculty of economic studies, telling me that you never know what would the future hold in store for you! But they have not neglected my cultural education. And I am happy to do what I have always wanted.

You are involved in various projects. What is your favorite?
I am an active Sagittarius, never get bored! I like to know as much as possible, even though I do not master them. In the Chinese calendar, I am a monkey and I find myself in that zodiacal sign – always inquisitive, dynamic, like being ironical to myself and laugh and make surprises to my friends, just like a monkey
When do you find the time to handle so many things and please everyone?
I am very organized and carry my agenda everywhere I go. I also recommended that to my friends. The agenda will be always there and I can find information and notes about actions and activities, whether finished or not. I know that technology is much far than in the past and we have agendas in our smartphones or tablets, but I will stick to mine. I have a team that helps me organize my schedule when in the country and not only. People think that this job is eay and because you are a public figure you can allow yourself to be late for meetings or other events. But I respect myself and the others. I love being on time and being professional.

Do you have any hobbies and what are those?
I am fond of playing golf, doing yoga and pilattes. I have a taste for travelling and even though I seem to be an open person, easygoing, I still like to go to a secluded place, to read and meditate, which helps me charge myself with positive energy so that I can give it back to the people during my shows.
If you were not doing this, what else would it be?
To be honest, I would have liked to have a sweetshop and create cakes and cookies. My mom taught me the ropes in the kitchen. Many times, when I have Italian friends over for dinner, they always ask me why I am not opening a restaurant. They like so much my cooking and they ask me to make caviar salad, eggplant salad or sarmalute (minced meat rolled in sauerkraut leaves). I have worked so hard to do what I am doing now, to be an artist. So this is the thing I would do, no matter what.

You have travelled to all four corners in the world. Do you have any favorite destination?
I just loved Tokyo, Thailand and Hong Kong, where I was not long ago. I love the Asian side, the spirit of the people there, their serenity, how they compose themselves and their instincts. I am a fan of the Asian cuisine, especially sushi – I like raw fish in general, the blossomed cherry trees in Japan, the massages in Thailand, the very organized ‚chaos’.

How much time do your spend in the plane in one year?
I am in the plane for 2 or 3 times in a week. I had not flown until 21, but I think that I have made up for it.

A regular day in Ramona Badescu’s life?
Every day is so different, they are full and diverse. I am the one to make sure that my days are packed! I start my day after a 9-10 hours of sleep, but does not mean that I wake up at noon, I just go to bed early. Before my breakfast, I exercise for 40 minutes in my improvised fitness center in my house, while I drink a liter of water. Then, a pot coffee sounds so good. Meetings follow, when I have no shootings, and lunch. I love eating my meals at the same time every day. In the afternoon, more meetings or rehearsals, depending on where I am, which country and my schedule. I rarely go out in the evening. Firstly, I do not want to eat – since I am so gluttonus when it comes to food, I avoid dinner. Secondly, I like to have some time for myself…or my boyfriend after a hectic day.

You have a hustling schedule, do you find time for your private life?
In life you have to choose, cannot have everything. It is true that all these years I have favored my professional life over my private. I have always thought that by investing in my profession, it will never let me down. As for love, it comes and goes. I have always been an independent woman and am very proud about that. Never liked to ask, always to give. From one point of view, the fact that I am good at what I am doing, has given me the opportunity to choose and not to be chosen.

How is your love life?
My love life is good. I always love, in whatever shape it comes, cannot live without love! It would have been different if asked about my passion!

Can you get any time off ever? How do you pick your destination?
Since my job involves a lot of travelling and being surrounded by many people, the ideal vacation would be to spend some time at home. I love that leisure time or the holidays I spend with my parents at our house in Craiova.

Have you ever had a doubt moment when you thought to drop everything you were doing?
No! I had my doubt moments but never related to my job. I am pretty aware that my jos cannot provide me with the safety I need all the time. Or you are working too much or have moments when you do not work…But this is my choice! I have like this job forever, to be free, to decide for myself.

What is your greatest achievement?
That I have come into this world and that I am alive! That I can live, have my family, do what I have always wanted. That I have gratification in my job. But I think that there is one more thing to wish for: becoming a mother, which is the supreme achievement for a woman!
But the greatest nonperformance?
There are some but not very big, because I usually fight for a thing I love! The fact that I have never played with Tom Cruise under Spielberg directing, that I was not able to do the musical ‚Chicago’ when in Rome….

You will be the hostess to the Awards Gala of Casino Life & Business Magazine. What do you think about these events?
I have hosted very many galas in Romania and Italy and I really think that they are welcome. Irrespective of their field, they bring the focus upon some institutions and people who have achievements in a certain area of expertise.
What about our social life in our country, how would you define it?
I am not that familiar with the social life here! Right now, since I started hosting the ‚Duminica in familie’ show at TVR1, I have come to Romania more often. But I leave as often as that. I have attended just a few society events, the ones that my PR, Dana Popa, has organized. And I saw that people really know how to have fun!
Have you ever played at the casino? If yes, share the best and the worst experience.
I do not like playing at the casino, since I consider myself lucky in love! But I will think of a budget for the roulette, where I will bet my favorite numbers, 13 and 29, on red.

Do you have a final thought for the readers of our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine?
The winter holidays are coming up, so I wish to the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine happy holidays along with their family, to have fun and not forget that the true luck is to love and be loved.

Thank you and good luck in everything!

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