Horoscope January 2016


The pleasure to spend could bring you in a situation to put your hand deep in your pocket. Be very careful because someone dear to you might pull your ears!

It is very difficult for you to get the earnings you had in mind. You will work hard and must have a lot of patience in order to achieve something.

An amount of money you have been expecting for some time is still delayed. Your accounts will be turned upside down, but with your abilities you are sure to manage.

A business started for some time now and out of which you didn’t expect much will begin to bear fruit. One of your friends will give you good news, also about money.

You will be spending some money on your home. It is possible for something to get damaged or maybe you will want to redecorate your apartment.

Someone close to you will give you an amount of money or an information which could turn into cash. Anyway, the chance will smile on you during this period.

It is a time when you could satisfy all your desires. The pleasure to spend will be big, so you can go out shopping.

You are more cautious during this time and you don’t feel like spending quite on every little thing. Somebody close to you will convince you to make an investment for which there isn’t much hope.

You will have a troublesome period in financial terms. You will try hard to get going a business started a longer time ago, but the results of your efforts will take a longer time to appear.

An older idea could get put into practice; anyways, you will get support from all sides. And the collaborations will prove beneficial in this period.

The financial speculations could generate some trouble until almost the end of the month. It is a period when it would be better to be a little more cautious.

If you are involved in businesses with foreign partners, the chance will be on your side more than until now. You could spend some money to go on a trip abroad.


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