Potential gains from collaborations and partnership activities. You will spend some money for entertainment. Gambling will be to your advantage, on the condition you don’t take unnecessary risks.

Your financial situation is good, but for the business you have in plan you must have more patience. Somebody in your family will lend you a helping hand.

You work hard to get the earnings you have in mind and you feel you are running out of patience. You could make different investments, and the money will come, especially in the second part of the period.

The odds are in your favor mostly at the beginning of the period, when you could earn from financial speculations or gambling. On the other hand, you tend to spend way too much.

You will be able to successfully end a financial project started for some time now. You are inspired, and this helps you in everything related to financial issues.

Your efforts yield more than satisfying results. On the other hand, your collaborations will raise some problems and it would be good to listen to the advice of your friends.

You are more and more concerned with material issues. You want to win money and get some stability in this area. The chance is on your side, especially in the second half of the month.

The decisions you take concerning material issues will turn out to be inspired ones. You could make an investment at the beginning of the period.

You’ll be spending to implement the projects you have had in mind for some time. Be careful because any neglect could lead to a penalty!

You are dealing with all kinds of expenditures which keep you in tension. Be as prudent as possible, especially towards the end of the months, as somebody will try to trick you!

If you are planning an investment, be as careful as possible, as all kinds of troubles might occur. Expenditures will be quite high, but until the end of the period you will find satisfying solutions.

Your tendency to spend is quite big and it would be better to show a little more prudence. Spending on entertainment will help you improve your mood.


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