I know I am a strong and sociable nature, I am not afraid to take risks and to believe in people…

The only woman General Manager of a casino in Romania opens up exclusively to the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

How did you start your career in this field and what was your professional evolution so far?
At the beginning of the ‘90s, when the gambling industry had just entered the Romanian market and I was a young woman looking for a “different” type of job, I was attracted by the uniqueness of an employment offer in a newspaper at that time. So I embraced the opportunity and soon entered the fascinating world of the casinos, starting the croupiers school. Another world, things and people in a combination full of adrenalin and work.
In the years to follow I have learnt a lot and continued to evolve each day, going through each hierarchical stage. When I was offered the chance to work abroad, also in this world of casinos, I didn’t hesitate to take this step, knowing that a new experience can only be useful. Indeed, it was a decision that turned out to be good; the same as during my first years, in this period of time I met new people, made friendships, developed skills, got new knowledge, all of these turning me into the person and professional I am today.

Who is your model in life and in your professional activity?
Both in my personal and professional life, the model who inspired me and lead me is the one who also was my partner in life and who is the father of my children. From him I learnt to work with devotion and to learn each day, to be perseverent in everything I do and to follow my dream. The professional activity is part of our life, I believe, and you cannot totally separate the two. Although it is not easy, I can say I find myself just as comfortable in both places.

What are the personality traits that you think define you?
I know I am a strong and sociable nature, I am not afraid to take risks and to believe in people, I know to say things as they are so that I can make myself understood and everything I build I do with the believe that I can make it.

How do you reconcile your professional and personal life?
I am a parent, I have two children – I could even say three if I count Athena in as well! (laughing) – and I love to spend my spare time with my children, either cooking their favourite meals, or running in the park.
It is well known that the casinos run on a continuous program, which means night time work as well and I would lie if I were to say it was easy. Running a casino is an activity filled with challenges, but if you manage it right and put in a little effort, it also gives you time for your personal life as well. I manage to keep a balance between being a woman, a mother and a casino Manager.

You are the first woman in Romania holding the position of a General Manager in a casino. Is it difficult for a woman to run such a business?
It is just as hard as it is for a man. We live in times when I don’t think it is necessary anymore to make this gender difference, but to focus on the competences and abilities, but most of all on the results obtained by the person running such a business.
I am honoured to have been offered this opportunity and I accepted the challenge to build this casino from zero, with the investors’ support and trust. Team work and effective communication both within the team and also with our guests and partners makes running this business easier and I would like to use this opportunity and thank all of them for their trust and support.

What can you sau about the “WOMEN IN GAMBLING” award, recently received at the extraordinary edition of the Romanian Gambling Conference this year?
The award I received is an honour. I consider it more as a sign of encouragement for my team to continue the development of the Athena Casino project, and on the personal level I appreciate it as a merit for the “entire career” (Hollywood smile).

What does Athena Casino bring new?
First of all it created new workplaces. In a rather unstable economy it is important to give credit to those investors who managed to offer stability to a number of 160 professionals.
We thank them for the vote of confidence given to the employees, vote that I can say is mutual.
Then I could add our vision; quality and entertainment team up with chance at Athena Casino, this is the place where you can come any time not only for a competition with your favourite game, but where once you entered, you can enjoy a personalized attention and can leave all your worries at the door without any care.

Who are the ones forming the Athena Casino “game” team?
For the live game department I had the chance to be able to create a young and enthusiastic team; I am also pleased to have found the best professionals in the field available in Romania at this moment for the management team, people who sum up over 100 years of experience in the casino industry and over 50 years in casino management, an experience gathered all over the world. Appreciated to an equal extent, I cannot forget to mention those who ensure just as professionally, but “from the shadow” the proper running of our business: our technical team, security and housekeeping team.

Why Athena Casino, from the guests’ point of view?
As I said before, on a well defined market, Athena Casino dared and managed to overcome the current standards of this industry through refined and effective solutions, contributing thus to raising the level of the entertainment and professionalism offered.
All that Athena Casino offers, from the available selection of games and up to the offered services represents “the best of” in this field. Even from their first steps in Athena Casino our guests are cordially greeted by Alexandra Grigore’s team, our Front Desk Manager, and in the restaurant and bar managed by Mihai Sângaţeanu, which are located right within our location, Chef Marian Lambă’s dishes will delight our guests’ taste buds with culinary delights specially created for Athena Casino.
I could go on and on, but in order to keep up with the news, I invite you to visit our Facebook page “Athena Casino” and www.athena-casino.ro.

How do you see Athena Casino in the future?
Our evolution fits within the set parameters and I am happy that the entrance of Athena Casino on the market has been received in a positive manner both on the administrative-legal level and also by those who use this form of entertainment. It is important that the latter appreciate the quality and professionalism of the services we offer. Our goal is to be the ones who set the tone and for this we are open to the new, being constantly concerned with increasing the quality and diversifying our offer.

How will Athena Casino be in the future………Athena Casino is the future!

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