A 9-year old girl painter donated a painting to the ailing children…

Cristina Cioran, Sorana Darclee, Costin Marculescu, Benny Adegbuyi and Ovidiu Buga, honorary chefs for the autistic and ADHD children
On June 5, the fourth edition of the charity event called ‘Come to the restaurant… out of love for children’ took place at Elisabeta Restaurant, Regina Elisabeta Room.

Honorary chefs present at the event were Cristina Cioran, Costin Marculescu, the Superkombat fighters Benny Adegbuyi and Ovidiu Buga and Sorana Darclee.

The initiative of Simona Chitac Media and Casino Life&Business Magazine was a true success, as the guests filled up every seat in the restaurant.

Since the month of June is the children’s, the organizers scheduled Thea Rosca’s paintings exhibition. A 9-year old girl, she wanted to donate the money from auctioning a painting to the less fortunate children.

‘A child for children’, the exhibition under the name of ‘COLOR, DREAMS AND HOPES’ was highly appreciated by the audience; the auctioned painting was sold at a five times higher price than the initial one.

The artists also said yes to being present at this edition. They came in a large number and requested no money for their participation: Francisca, Cristian Rizescu, Diana Tudor and Vasi Bordianu, Bogdan Vladau, Gazi Demirel, Roxana Nemes and… the special guest star was MAHALA RAI BANDA band, making the evening quite unforgettable.

The hosts of the event were the beautiful Roxana Nemes and TV showman Constantin Opris.

Mirabela Dauer was our top guest for the third edition, we had now the honor to see our greatest artist Stela Popescu, managers George Tal and Radu Groza and the former Europarlamentarian Petru Luhan along with his future spouse.

Simona Chitac, organizer, says that: ‘This event has already reached its fourth edition and takes place on a monthly basis. The concept is original and has taken the shape of a caravan through the Bucharest restaurants.

A few public figures / VIPs play the role of hosts and serve the guests in the restaurant, instead of the traditional waiters. The money deriving from this event (a part of the bills and from the tips) is donated to the therapy center for the autistic or ADHD children, M Service Terapy Children Clinic, in Bucharest’.

‘Beautiful people, with a large heart and dear to us, meet once a month and have dinner together with us. We listen to good music and take pictures with our favorite stars. No public figure has ever asked for any money and we want to thank them by means of this publication.
Everyone was thrilled to be part of this project, more likely that they are parents and therefore very sensitive to the problems of the children who had the bad chance to be born and live sick. We have succeeded to attract some constant partners to this event, such as TIGER Security, Oana Style, Barber Shop, Fashion Bags Magazine, Desire Outfits & More, Constantin Nautics, For Rich Only’, said Mihnea Popescu, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.

For this edition, the highest amount of money was raised by the Roman fighter in the Superkombat Benny Adegbuyi, followed by his mate, Ovidiu Buga. We do not know that they might have ‘intimated’ the diners for bigger tips but they certainly were able to stand for more than 5 hours, until after midnight: ‘We felt very good, even though it was tiring. We usually have two challenging training sessions every day, but today I could count it as a third session. But it was all worthy’, said Benny Adegbuyi.

The organizers would like to acknowledge all the VIPs, the honorary chefs or the artists, the singers, guests, hosts and partners who contributed to this wonderful and successful event.
Also, our thanks go to the television stations and the media representatives, who attended this edition in a large number.


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