Tips in How To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle While Gaming

Top Tips on How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Well While Gaming.

Gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years. Especially with the development of more powerful computers, consoles, and handheld devices – the popularity of video games has hit a new high. Even casino games have been popular lately.

Tips in How To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle While Gaming
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However, gaming involves a lot of sitting down for long periods of time (or even lying down in some cases). This can promote physical inactivity and poor health.

So how do we mitigate the risks and continue to enjoy the games we love?

Here are several tips on living a healthier gaming lifestyle for you.

Prevent Eye Strain

Staring at a monitor or TV screen for too long can strain the eyes. You often forget to blink during these sessions, which makes the eyes dry. You may feel them starting to itch and ache as well.

Eye strain or irritation can lead to more serious issues if not taken care of. Don’t worry though as there are several ways to help your eyes regain their moisture.

The first is to try to look away from the screen every twenty minutes. You can set up a timer on your phone or even on Google. During each break, look at an object twenty feet away for twenty seconds at a time. This is called the 20-20-20 rule.

The second tip to avoiding irritation is to not play your PC or mobile games in the dark. Working against a black backdrop will definitely cause your eyes to work harder. Try changing your lighting to something a bit more natural and brighter.

Aside from that, use blue light protection eyeglasses. Even though you do not wear specs, there are many glasses that prevent the blue light coming from the computer or smartphone screen from straining your eyes. If you cannot get one at the moment, your computer screen or phone might have a blue light protection feature you can activate.

Take Regular Breaks & Relax

Ideally, you’d want to take a break at least once every hour. Give your mind, eyes, and body time to relax in between rounds, quests, or missions. This can help you keep your reflexes and decision-making sharp, whether while gaming or otherwise.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to keep track of time. Luckily, there are ways around this. You can set an alarm to remind you to take breaks during your playing session. You can also use natural breakpoints in the game to signal a rest period for yourself.

Some even consider using Cannabinoids to improve their game performance as well as relax the mind and body. Many who have tried the substance while gaming has good experiences when in-game.

Maintain Proper Posture and Stay Active

Back issues are common among gamers because of the prolonged stretches of sitting down while playing. A lot of pressure is placed on the body, particularly the spine (and in some situations, the wrist) during these moments.

So, take some time to stand up and stretch during and outside your playing schedule. And set aside time to do general exercises or workouts at some point in the day.

If you really need to work or play for long periods of time, make your gaming setup as ergonomic as possible to help you maintain proper posture. This includes setting up the correct height for your chair (feet must be comfortably touching the floor), getting the correct table height, and even using a hand-fitting mouse can help a lot.

Maintain Proper Nutrition

Long gaming sessions can mean skipped meals and improper eating behaviors. This increases the possibility of you binging on your next meal or snacking on junk food to stave off the hunger.

So, before you game in the morning, eat a hearty breakfast. After a round, grab a healthy snack or two to munch on while in-game. Bump up the veggies and fruits in your diet as well.

Tips in How To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle While Gaming
Eat healthy food to improve your gaming performance and overall health. (Source:

You can also try The Stuff. It is an easy-to-grab detox drink for when you have loaded your system up with too much junk food. Get a vitamin boost and a mineral boost while gaming.

Avoid the Toxicity

The gaming community is, most of the time, a safe haven for many. But toxicity is prevalent in any game as well. That encompasses harsh comments, trolling, and online bullying. There are cases where certain individuals make other players feel bad. Sometimes even to the point of anxiety and depression.

When you encounter any of these toxic behaviors, simply ignore and do not engage. Mute the troll’s mic or proximity chat if you can. If possible, leave the game for the time being and restart later. You can block a player from ever messaging you or report them to the moderator or game developers.


All these tips can help you have a better gaming lifestyle in the short-run and in the long-run. Remember that although gaming is fun, it can be bad for your health if not done in moderation. Be safe and stay healthy while gaming!