Casino Life & Business Magazine organized in premiere for Romania a gala for granting awards to the women who carry out their activity in the local gambling industry.

There are 194 sovereign and independent states in the world, but only 26 of them are run by women, although women have proved along time excellent managerial abilities.

The same inequality of the women-men ration is manifested in the management of the big corporations as well.

This is why, our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine launched, this year, a new concept, unique and original, materialized in a gala show dedicated to all women in general, and to the women in the gambling industry in particular.

As a concept, the Women in Gambling Gala is an excellent opportunity for all employees and employers in this business to acknowledge and to award the merits of the women activating in the Romanian gambling, as well as their important contribution to the success of such businesses.
It was for the first time when the women working in this field of gambling, considered by default a men dominated area, have been awarded prizes precisely by those men, and it was done in a setting as formal and official as possible.

The same way we make the nominations and the voting for the traditional yearly Gala of the Casino Life & Business Magazine awards, so we proceeded for these new awards and we received first on our magazine office address the nominations for the women activating in this industry and then we organized the voting, thus establishing the winners for each category.

At the same time, this communication with our readers was welcome and useful, as we received other suggestions to support this event meant to celebrate the work of the fair sex representatives.

This year’s event established, on the first edition of the Women in Gambling Gala, the following winners:
1. The Casino Live category – Mrs. CORINA DINCĂ, General Manager of Athena Casino Bucharest
2. The Romanian Equipment Producer Category – Mrs. GABRIELA MANU, Baum Games
3. The Sports Bets Category – Mrs. ANGELA ELISEI, SUPERBET
4. The Game Rooms Category – Mrs. GABRIELA IONESCU, MAXBET
5. The Poker Club Category – Mrs. RALUCA NEACȘU, Poker Room
6. The Foreign Equipment Producer Category – Mrs. HANNELORE FUICĂ, Merkur Gaming
7. The Special Projects Category – Mrs. LELIANA PÂRVULESCU, ROMSLOT
8. The Poker Players Category – Mrs. CARMEN ZĂINESCU
9. The Involvement in Industry Category – Mrs. ODETA NESTOR, President of ONJN
10. Special Prize – Mrs. ANCA IOVAN, BURSA newspaper

This year’s event took place at the Floreasca Club, during the Official Lunch which followed the 5th edition, an extraordinary edition, of the Romanian Gambling Conference.

For the presentation of the awards, Casino Life & Business Magazine invited Mr. Adrian Artene, editor-in-chief of the renowned and in fashion site CanCan. ro at the event.

The DGL PRO company and the ROMBET association were the event partners.
The Women in Gambling Gala, event to be held every year, brings normality in this respect in the industry of gambling, aligning our country to the countries in which such a tradition is already perennial.

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