The only event in Romania to reward the women’s activity in the gambling industry over the past year – “The Woman in Gambling” Gala – reached its third edition.
Casino Life & Business Magazine organizes, like every year, for the first time in Romania, the prize-giving ceremony for women working in the domestic gambling industry.
There are 194 sovereign and independent states in the world, but only 26 are women-led, although women have demonstrated excellent managerial skills over time.
The same percent inequality among women and men is also manifested in the leadership of large corporations.
That’s why our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine, is organizing this year also, through a new, unique and original concept, materialized in a gala show dedicated to all women, in general, and especially for women in the gambling industry.
The Women in Gambling Gala is an excellent opportunity for all employees and employers in the industry to recognize and reward both the merits of women working in Romanian gambling and their important contribution to the success of these businesses.
The event is the only moment of the year when the women in our country that are active in this field of gambling, considered to be eminently a field of men, are awarded by men during a very formal and festive setting.
During this third edition, the prize winners, as revealed by the votes of the readers, will be validated by an award committee consisting of: Sorin Constantinescu – President of PokerFest, Adrian Georgescu – President of Novomatic Romania, Andrei Frimescu – Game World Marketing Director , Dan Ghiță – President of ROMBET and Cristian Pascu – AOPJNR Executive President.
At the same time, communication with readers is endorsed but also welcomed, and readers’ suggestions will come to support this event meant to pay tribute to the work of the fair sex representatives.
As in previous editions, this year’s event will award 10 prizes to the domestic gambling industry, as well as a special prize.
The third edition of the “Women in Gambling” Gala will take place on Wednesday, June 14th , starting at 19:00 in the luxurious 5 * Premier Palace Hotel in Bucharest and will enjoy a special musical-artistic program dedicated to this important event.
It should be noted that Premier Palace SPA Hotel 5 * was, some years ago, the host of one of the annual edition of the Casino Life & Business Magazine Awards Gala.
Partners of this year’s event are DGL PRO and ROMBET.
”Women in Gambling” Gala, a year-round event, brings normality in the gaming industry, aligning our country to others where this tradition is already perennial.

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