In recognition of true values

On December 14, a luxurious location in Bucharest will assist our publication , Casino Life & Business Magazine’ in organizing a mega event to honor the Romanian personalities, which is another confirmation that we always take the first step in this exciting poker world.

In the mid December, we will be awarding the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ prizes, very much awaited by the high class, people in the gambling industry and many others. As it happens every year, the location will be special – the magnificent Premier Palace Hotel & Spa, the latest and most majestic 5-star complex in Bucharest. Atmosphere will be feasty and the awardees will be the prestigious names we take great pride in here and in the world.

Five years since the first gala, the Awards of the Romanian Gambling Industry, as called by media, come to accredit the value of the personalities in our society, in spite of the seemingly endless financial unrest that has affected – and still is – many companies in the country and abroad, in all sectors.

Surprises, opulence and mingling

Similar with the previous years, the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala will be defined by good taste, elegance and lavishness. The artistic shows will perfectly mix with the surprises ready for the audience: personalities in various sectors, stars much loved by the public and a large number of media people, written and audio-visual. The word for the event is ‚outstanding’, as it will be a perfect occasion for the gambling and non-gambling personalities meet and mingle. The guests will be offered a live music show, flavored with moments of magic and Christmas carols and maybe even a nice addition will be a catwalk presentation.

Respect for our status

The ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala will be, as expected, an exceptional show among the ones celebrating the end of the year 2012. Even though in a context of international economic downturn and political instability, we are glad that we have the opportunity to keep our good habit to reward the most competitive representatives in the local business sector, gambling industry, entertainment and casino and most important personalities in the Romanian society. This recognition of true values has been one of the reasons why the location of our Gala has been packed year after year with casino managers, artists, sportsmen, media, authorities – in short, the cream of the crop.

Matching rewards

This year, during the fifth edition of the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala we will hand out prizes in the gambling and also in the non-gambling category. For the former one, prizes will be given to the Romanian producer of the year, the Casino of the year, the Romanian poker player of the year. It is worth mentioning that in 2012, the ranking list for the Poker Player of the Year has been compiled by, the first and the largest poker community in Romania. As for the latter category, rewards will go to the Journalist of the year, the Artist of the year, the Sport person of the year, the Location of the year and, of course, the Man of the year.

Charity work

Our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine’ is involved in charity work. Last year, the Awards Gala included a charity section, as a premiere – we will do it again this year. Similarly with 2011, we wish to support, through this mega event, the first private center for therapy and recovery of children suffering from ADHD or autism – M Service Terapy Children Clinic. In fact, last year, the Award for Social Involvement was given to Mrs. Monica Sovar for creating the center mentioned above.

Reliable partners

‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ is the one to set the tone in gambling, but we credit our partners with much of this accomplishment. Here is an opportunity to thank them, for their full support and for their assistence from our day one. This year, the main partner of the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala is the Premier Palace Group of companies, more exactly Premier Palace Hotel & Spa, Garden Club – Terasa Berarilor and Odeon Restaurant & Events. Also, other partners of the Gala are DGL Pro, PokerFest, Tiger Security, and Mozzart Bet.


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