Another ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ trademark event

Hardly has the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala ended, that we are already planning a new project, which the people in the gambling industry has been long waiting.  Next month we have the second Romanian Gambling Conference scheduled, a top international event organized by our publication.

Our last year megaproject had such a great impact, that people abroad would ask us when this second edition would take place.  The second edition of the Romanian Gambling Conference that ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ initiated, promoted and organized it.

Last year, when the Floreasca Club in Bucharest hosted the first edition on the 9 and 10 of February, the weather conditions were adverse, our political life was disquieting – the Government was in the midst of being dissolved.  For 2013, we really hope the weather help us, so do the circumstances, and a nice number of the prestigious guests from abroad join us for the event.

Incredible outcome

Even though everything seemed against us last year, the Romanian Gambling Conference enjoyed a great success, nationally and internationally.  We had incredible results and the first Romanian conference on gambling set up many premiers.

For the first time, the officials of all the professional associations in the gaming industry in Romania came together, under the same roof.  We had 13 official partners and 120 people attended the 2-day conference.  The mini-exhibition in the hall, featuring the latest in the gambling industry, has also stirred the interest of the participants.

The best conclusion

When the conference ended, and as a follow-up of a heated but positive debate, a brilliant idea came up – to draft a resolution of the Participants to the Romanian Gambling Conference, a premiere for the events in the gambling industry in our country.

This Resolution included everything what went on during the Conference – issues, needs and wishes of the participants – and was signed by the associations’ officials and the independent operators.  The resolution was drafted and sent to the media and to the competent authorities by ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

The impact was strong.  Immediately after the Romanian Gambling Conference, the Competition Tribunal – which attended the event by an important representative – fined the Romanian Lottery, to which we also contributed.

International advertising

The Romanian Gambling Conference, which we were the only initiator and organizer, has incited a large interest in the local media and abroad.  Even since its first edition, we have had an online international publication as a media partner – e-GAME Spectrum Bulgaria.  They have supported us for this event as they understood the importance of this kind of conference for the entire southern part of the Eastern Europe.

Keeping high standards

This year, the second edition of the Romanian Gambling Conference to take place in February, will try to match or even outdo the one in 2012.  We already have two partners: golden – DGL Pro and silver – Casino Bucharest.

It is obvious that we will be inviting the authorities freshly elected and all the responsible factors in the field.  As same as during the first edition, we will feature more parallel sections and maintain the mini-exhibition project with the latest in the gaming industry.  We are in the talks with the people involved, both about the conference sections and the guests taking the floor.  The sections will be decided on after these discussions and the participants will be notified about them in due time.







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