Ice London, the most important world exhibition has closed another edition and after it, have remained the memories.

Like happened to the last editions, Casino Life & Business Magazine has been the only Romanian media partner, but this year the organizer had offered us for free a stand on Boulevard, the place where you can be seen by everybody.
And we were happy and satisfied for all the appreciation.

But wow! The stand offered for free has had to be insured, and the amount to be paid to the organizer.

And if would have been only this, would still be acceptable, but the way they have announced us have been terrible. Only few days before the event, we have got a contract “to be sign” on the same day and the amount to be pay until the next day…
Wow, why to be such in a hurry?

Our contract was closed almost one year before when nobody has mentioned anything about a cost as we also haven’t asked any money for the distribution or any other services. So, our answer has come, only one day before the event launching and the stand stayed EMPTY.

Still, something we’ve got, we have learnt that there are thieves in all developed countries, but this left us with a bitter taste…

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