An exceptional event in Bucharest

Like every year, the last month brought a much-awaited gift to high class, mass-media, to all people in the gambling industry in Romania – this is the ‚ Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala.

We are truly honored and happy that we have also maintained our high standards and met all the expectations.  The event was sterling, a superlative from all angles and with a great impact in the media.

The fifth edition of the ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala had Mircea N. Stoian as the master of ceremonies – a perfect one – and was hosted by the luxurious hall Premier Palace Hotel & Spa, the latest, fully equipped 5-star complex in Bucharest.  The Gala on December 14 had very special guests in attendance who really wanted to be present at the best gambling event.

Prizes for the best

As expected, our awards matched the prestige of this event.  Our publication, ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ handed prizes to the twelve categories in gambling and more, plus certain special distinctions.  The lucky winners were selected by vote from our readers.

This is the awards of the ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala:

1. Best Casino of the year – PLATINUM CASINO
2. Best room/slot network of the year – ADMIRAL
3. Best bookmaker of the year – MOZZART BET
4. The Romanian manufacturer of the year – NEWTON
5. The foreign manufacturer of the year – MERKUR GAMING
6. Inauguration of the year in the related industry – CASINO METROPOLIS BUCUREŞTI
7. Best involvement in the gambling industry in Romania 2102 – CRISTIAN PASCU
8. The poker player of the year – DAN MURARIU
9. The sportsman of the year -VIOREL SIMION
10. The lifestyle show of the year – ACCES DIRECT
11. The media person of the year – ANDREEA CREŢULESCU
12. The man of the year – LAURENŢIU REGHECAMPF

The special award for the Location of the year went to PREMIER PALACE HOTEL & SPA, and the Woman of the year was chosen to be ROXANA CIUHULESCU, one of the most seductive presence in the Romanian showbiz and the woman with the longest legs in Romania.  These two special distinctions were a surprise, as the organizers made them public during the show.  The recognition of the truly important values was one of the reasons why the room was packed with artists, sports people, media representatives, casino managers and many other top personalities in the Romanian society.

A resounding mass-media impact

The Gambling Industry Awards Gala, as our event was called by the media since the beginning, stirred a great interest among their representatives.

Our event was attended by 12 major TV channels, representatives of the written and audio media.  Everyone talked about us in flattering words.  One of the most successful television anchor woman, the seductive Simona Gherghe, was extremely happy that the ‘Acces Direct’ show was named the lifestyle show of the year.  During the show she does, Simona boasted about the award to have been received and spoke highly about our publication.

The major TV channels in Romania, such as PRO TV, Antena 1, Realitatea TV, B1 TV and Prima TV had ample feature reports about our event.  The internet sites have also accommodated a vast space for the Gambling Industry Awards Gala.

Congratulations for success

Mr. Mihnea Popescu, President of ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ gave many live interviews for important TV stations such as Realitatea TV and B1 TV.

The great event of the end of 2012 drew in three magazine and five independent photographers.  In fact, all media spoke about this major event in the gambling sector, which they called a triumph.  We have been congratulated for the success of this gala, which gives us a boost and more energy to get involved in new projects and events in 2013, as spectacular as this one.

Fine cuisine and music

The dinner organized at Premier Palace Hotel & Spa was a 5-star for the 200 participants, who packed the room to the roof.  They did not want to miss the Gala, the only event focusing on the gambling industry in Romania.

The fine cuisine and exquisite drinks satisfied the taste buds of our distinguished guests.  They were also entertained by the artists who kept the evening alive – Anda June, Nadir and the Muse Girls band who did their best and played good music that everyone appreciated a lot.  The guests were carolled by the well-known singer Carmen Serban and watched a show of the illusionist Andrei Teasca.

Extraordinary guests

Our guests included Anamaria Prodan and Laurenţiu Reghecampf, Roxana Iliescu, Alessia, Petru Luhan, Dan Helciug, Roxana Ciuhulescu, Florentina Opriş, Andreea Creţulescu, Ionuţ ‚Pitbull’ Atodiresei, Viorel Simion, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Daniel Onoriu and many more.   Also, we hosted the representatives in the gambling industry.  The great poker player Mihai Manole attended our event.

The moto Pokerstars team surprised us and our wonderful guests by bringing and displaying the bikes that they will be driving in the future competitions.  The national champion Catalin Cazacu, the moto pilot on superbike, did not want to miss this megaevent in the Romanian gambling industry, either.

The ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala has been a special occasion for the people in the gambling sector and the high class personalities of our social life.

Humanitarian side

Similar with the 2011 Gala, we again thought of the people in need.  The event was organized to benefit the  M Service Terapy Children Clinic for autistic and ADHD children.  In fact, Mrs. Monica Sovar was granted the Award for Social Involvement for opening the first integrated center of therapy and recovery of the autistic and ADHD children.

Reliable partners

This year, the ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ Awards Gala had the Premier Palace Group of companies as main partner, including Premier Palace Hotel & Spa, Garden Club – Terasa Berarilor and Odeon Restaurant & Events.

Also, we are very honored to have been supported by Admiral, DGL Pro, PokerFest, PokerStars, Novomatic, Tiger Security and Mozzart Bet.  We all thank for their assistance.


‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’ has proven, one more time, that it is the publication calling the shots and giving the tone in the gambling world in our country.

We have claimed the attention of everyone by our seriousness, honesty and true involvement in everything we are doing.  We will do our best to stay the same in 2013.




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