The most popular games in the casinos

The slots – or ‚păcănelele’ – the Romanian version – are the most popular and best known casino games. Every casino, either live or online, makes them available to their players.

This game originates in the 19th century. The precursor of this game was the mechanical poker device. This machine was invented by the ‚Pitt and Sittman’ company in New York. The machine had five drums that displayed visual representations of the poker cards. Upon pressing the lever, the cards would change their position randomly. After it came to a halt, the player was checking whether any winning combination had been blocked. Back then, they did not have a payout mechanism yet, but the winnings were made as free drinks and cigars.

First time at Flamingo in Las Vegas

The first modern slot machine, as we know it today, was invented by Charles Fey, American inventor, in 1887. Even though he was denied the right of introducing the concept of operation behind the slot machines, he will be remembered as the ‚Father of Slots’ in the books in the history of off-line and online slots. In his California house, he created a relatively simple machine that contained three drums to rotate independently. Each drum had five symbols, including diamonds, spades, hearts, horshoes, stars and the well-known ‚Liberty Bell’ symbol that became hugely popular.
The symbols of fruits were missing, very common today. A special symbol that was ‚Liberty Bell’ paid out a 50-cent bonus, a quite substantial amount in those days. The simplicity of the machine allowed Fey to integrate an efficient, automated method to pay the players’ winnings. The machine was not fashionable at first, but huge fame came when introduced at Flamingo Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, where players went crazy about them. The infamous ‚Bugsy’ Siegel heavily invested in the slot machines to entertain the wives and girlfriends of the rich people who visited the Casino. Skeptical first about the popularity of the game, ‚Bugsy’ would rapidly realize that slots had become one of the major attractions of the casino.

Boom in the 70’-80’s

The first electrical slot machines were designed in the 70’s by the ‘Fortune Coin’ company. The electronic version caught on very quickly. Still then, the slot machines had seen incorporated more themes, reel and line numbers. In the 80’s, they became even more sophisticated, as they were using microchips and random numbers generators – this is why more and more casinos adopted them. The money derived from the slot machines nowadays are estimated at circa 70% of the income in a real casino, where an endless row of slots is the first thing that a guest sees when walking in such location.

On-line since the 90’s

For the first time, the online slots were created at the beginning of the 90’s. The players did not have to visit the real casinos and could play from their homes. Online slots casinos provide many special promotions to make the possible clients sign up. Right now, there are hundreds of casinos offering a variety of slot games. ‘Pacanelele’, in the Romanian version, use the latest technologies of encryption and data protection making them more reliable. Slots are a great source of entertainment in both live and online casinos.

How to play

In this game, a player inserts tokens or coins into the machine, pulls down a lever and the screen will display three symbols in three or more different slots. After ‘mixing’ the symbols, those three can be different or the same. Should the symbols are identical, the player will win that round.

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