This issue includes the requirements for the website of gambling organizer and also the content of the game rules.

The website of the gambling organizer, as well as for the lotto games and mutual betting organized via internet-type communication, hard cable or mobile telephone systems, must include the following information:

a) the full name of the gambling organizer, address of the registered seat, number and date of the license of organization and authorization of operation, the validity period, as well as a link to the website of the Department of Public Finances (the gambling section);
b) the statement regarding the interdiction of participation into gambling of people under 18;
c) information concerning responsible gambling and the feasible harmful effects of gambling. This information should be compiled in cooperation with a center for treatment;
d) access to self-testing for gambling addiction;
e) information and a contact address for a helpline that will make available recommendations for gambling addiction and the center for treatments in Romania or in the member states of the European Union;
f) the game rules for each game being provided;
g) the assistance service catered to the player;
h) information regarding the possibility of recording the players’ complaints;
i) information on protection and security of transactions and payment methods;
j) terms and conditions for each party involved;
k) information concerning the compliance of the stipulations in Law nr. 677/2001, with its further amendments and additions, and in Law nr. 506/2004, with its further amendments and additions, and method of using rights by the people referred to.
The game rules should include:
• The instruction regarding participation, the course of the game and methods of managing the defects in the systems and transmission networks,
• Payment methods and deadline of prizes, as well as ways of collecting and control of the amounts into and from the players’ accounts,
• The identification data for the game software producer and the body to have certified the game program,
• The cost of participating into the game.
The information is located in a conspicuous space on the website of the gambling organizer and has to be accesible from all the website pages.
The organizer’s website must have a clock that will make the player aware of how much time he is spending on the game page. The clock will display the current day and time and must be visible to the player all the time.
The organizer’s website must have a meter that will automatically update itself and display the balance in the player’s account.
All the information that needs to be presented on the organizer’s website must be written in the Romanian language.

The gambling organizer must send a warning message that will be visible to the player, in case he has been active for an uninterrupted minimum 12-hour interval.

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