By. Andrei Frimescu, PR & Marketing Manager, Game World

The diploma received at the end of the Slot Academy has a special significance for me. On one hand, it is a certification of my participation in this training experience. On the other hand, it is the expression of a goal made because I wanted to attend this course because I had the chance to work with Lucien Wijsman and I knew he was one of the best specialists in this field.
I could not say that it was difficult, even if there were 3 days of long training, intense and full of content. Eventually each participant has his / her own approach to such training and as far as I am concerned, I would say that this course was too short for several topics and discussions I would have liked to cover.
We have attended this edition with several colleagues from the Game World group while other colleagues of ours participated in the editions of the past few years.
In my opinion, each participant was able to select what is most relevant to his work. For example, I was delighted to see that the content of this training was briefly presented with the title “It’s all about marketing”.

Why this training is different from other conferences and specialist training is exactly the performance of the trainer, the course being an example of a “one man show” in which Lucien transmitted us from his information, knowledge and experience to one another speaking from the perspective of the slot machine expert , “real gambler” or “time of device” player, casino manager, casino gaming and casino manufacturer, casino owner or its consultants on slot machines operations or the interior design of games rooms.
Game World has demonstrated in its 19 years of activity in Romania that it has a constant concern for innovation and evolution.
The future has challenges and opportunities for which Game World needs to be prepared in all its aspects, from technology and equipment to know-how and human resources.
I believe that every professional is constantly preparing to be better and each company adapts to market trends and anticipates future challenges. Training is just one way we can make progress in these directions.
Each slot machine operator, each gambling organizer can select the most appropriate learning opportunities according to business specifics and objectives in the short, medium and long term.