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History and gambling interlaced on the French Riviera

A two-week visit in the south of France cannot remain untold, and when it is seasoned with stories from ancient times, it is truly irresistible.
Ever since you pass the road border from Italy, on Via Aurelia or Lungomare as the locals call it, the first road built by the Romans, you find yourself before one of the most beautiful resorts from the famous Côte d’Azur, Menton or “the Pearl of France” as it is proudly written on the road board.
A stylish resort, which seems asleep in time hits you with the opulence of the hotels, of the villas and of the castles, all reminding you of the tumultuous local history.
Menton, with its archaeological vestiges from Paleolithic passed, turn by turn, from the Roman administration to that of the Genovese Republic, then, in 1346 it got in the possession of the Principality of Monaco, returning to the French Republic along with the Revolution. It belonged to France during the First Empire, as part of the Sanremo district from the Department of the Maritime Alps.
In 1814 Menton returns to the Principality of Monaco, but in 1815 passes under the protection of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the princes of Monaco being bound to bow to the King, as vassals, for Menton, not for Monaco!
With the coming of 1848, but especially because of the tax on lemon export, Menton separates from Monaco and declares itself a free town, but two years later it returns under the protection of the Kingdom of Sardinia and under the administration of the House of Savoya.
Napoleon the 3rd wins back the Menton by the Treaty from Turin from 1860 as a compensation for the help given to Italy in the war against Austria.
During the First World War its palaces and its luxurious villas are used as shelter for the injured.
Menton is the only locality conquered by Italy in the Second World War and then it passes under Nazi control until the end of the conflagration.
Sick of history and landscapes, among the dozens of hotels, castles and villas in Mediterranean style, the gambler can easily find the beautiful building of the Barriere Casino, a casino built in a Moresque style, situated on the first parallel street with the one crossing the little town along the sea, in a stylish square along an Anglican church built in the Middle Age.
The casino has, besides the traditional gambling tables and slots, a bar, two restaurants, a night club and two event halls. One of the restaurants has a terrace with a view to the sea.
Of course, at lunch time, one can serve lunch in the casino’s restaurants with the menu of the day, like in any other restaurant in town. The casino’s program is from Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 03:00, and on Friday and Saturday, until 04:00 o’clock.
In the slot rooms the red carpet, the jingles and the light effects create an electric atmosphere perfect for gambling, and the classical, multi-screen and multi-play machines lure you to have fun.
One can change money to tokens or playing tickets at the casino’s cashiers.

The organizers advice the gamers to carefully choose their machine and to start with the most simple ones and with small bets, even of one cent, to “get in the game”
The rooms dedicated to Live casino contain WAR, BLACKJACK, BOULE, PUNTO BANCO, SIC BO, ENGLISH ROULETTE and FRENCH ROULETTE tables.
The casino also has a part dedicated to electronic English roulette games.
Live poker is not neglected either.
In the dedicated area one can play either the traditional Texas Hold’em or the newer Ultimate Poker where each player (maximum 7) plays against the house.
All the games are carefully and elaborately described on the casino’s website, and the staff is always ready to help you with great pleasure.
Casino Barriere from Menton is part of a network of not less than 30 casinos spread on the entire French territory, from Nice and Cannes to Bordeaux or Touquet.
We’ll continue our journey among the casinos from the famous Côte d’Azur in the following editions…

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