The market is invaded by offers from all kinds of operators, yet only a few bet houses distinguish by seriousness and real interest in the current and future bet’s franchise holders/partnerships. Of all of them, Get’s Bet comes to the front – holding approximately 600 partnership agencies.

It’s been over 7 years since Get’s Bet has become one of the Romanian’s favourite bet houses! It has been permanently modernized, it adapted to the customers’ needs, it has continuously improved its image and, the most important, it has been expanding its network of agencies.
Especially by the number of partnerships concluded! It’s no wonder that after all this time, Get’s Bet has become the top operator in franchise matters. The most serious and ready at hand partner for those who want to manage such a business. At present, there are over 600 sports bet agencies, functioning independently and which are now part of the Get’s Bet network. And the demand is continuously growing, which places Get’s Bet on top of the rankings, in what regards the franchise partnerships!

The experience gained, the permanent development, the popularity gained among customers and partners are all attributes proving that the time spent in this field left a strong positive mark on the entire activity performed within the company, a 100% Romanian company, setting the brand on top of specialized hierarchies.
Get’s Bet has become one of the most trustful and successful names in the field of sports bets, being already a brand acknowledged by customers at national level. In fact, Get’s Bet’s success brought simulators in the field, many trying to imitate this business model, however, without managing to overpass its absolute popularity among the partners from the gambling field.

It is a fact that many of those who chose to open a bet’s house in collaboration with Get’s Bet, didn’t regret their choice, the success being guaranteed. Especially that the procedures related to the collaboration have been, are and will always be extremely simple, without bureaucratic complications. The business system is verified, tested and with constant improvements.
In fact, what does such a partnership represent? At Get’s Bet it’s the simplest!
Compared to the competition, which hardly keeps the pace in this case, here, one has to follow only 4 (four) steps! Namely: to apply by mail/ WhatsApp or directly on the phone; sign the contract; arrange the space and open the agency!
The agency can be arranged function to the package chosen by the partner, having the option to choose the type of investment wanted.
Once the investment chosen grows, the partner’s profit grows as well. The betting soft is extremely simple to operate, so that ho experience is required from the employees.
And Get’s Bet continues to innovate and to improve!
Recently it has developed a new and important direction: sports bets terminals, destined to its partners, providing them the highest commission on the market!
Practically, Get’s Bet assures a consistent benefit, on long term, to all its partners. It is the ideal business model, 100% functional and detailed. And the partner’s investment is minimal.

Those who choose Get’s Bet have the possibility to get increased amounts of money and can integrally assume the responsibility of paying the gains to the clients, by the invincible, complete and varied offer, by generating virtual tickets directly from the site, but also by the extraordinary chance of collaboration with , perhaps, the best and most experienced team of bookmakers from Romania.
The Website offers the contact coordinates necessary for the initiation of the franchising process, and, from there, the road is open! The team of professionals from the company is always ready to offer assistance to all those who want to get in the Get’s Bet’s large family.
The continuous desire of expansion guarantees a successful partnership. A unique brand, which cannot be mistaken to any other one from the market.
The story of the most important 100% Romanian bet houses continues!

“Being aware of the available capital, we decided to aggressively continue the development of the agencies in franchise and it seems like we did it!”
Cristian Roman, Get’s Bet Managing Partner