Casino Life & Business Magazine plays on Côte d’Azur

Once you leave the stylish resort Beaulieu and head West, special picturesque images invade you. You are on a level curve, at an appropriate height from the sea level, from where you can see both the incredible blue of the sea, and the mountains too. The legal speed, which we advise you to obey, allows you to admire the landscapes and forget the everyday hustle.
You’ll get very quickly to the Nice entrance, also called Nice La Belle (the Beautiful Nice), perhaps the most representative city on the French Riviera. Nice is the ideal destination for those who are after an electric night life experience on the French Riviera.
The tumultuous history of the city fades before the mass of tourists arrived from all the corners of the world, but one must know that Nice was founded in the year 350 AD, by the Greeks who were living in Marseille and called Nikaia after Nike, the goddess of victory.
Along the centuries, the city has passed by numerous dominations and has been very often attacked by pirates.
At present, Nice is the capital city of the Department of Maritime Alps and the second largest city on the French Riviera, after Marseille, being, at the same time, the fifth city in France by the number of inhabitants.
The city presents the most effervescent opportunities of night entertainment on the entire coast, this aspect being itself an essential ingredient for the city’s touristic achievements. it is true that shopping, lying on the beach and visiting the touristic objectives can fill plenty of days for the tourists, but exploring the night life opportunities is imperative for those who want to discover Nice at its real value.
The entry from the Principality of Monaco, located at only 18 km away, is made by the city’s old gate, a part which is both bohemian and crowded.
Promenade des Anglais, cause this is what we are talking about, concentrates the best bars and pubs, discotheques, casinos, restaurants and concert halls from
Nice, encouraging the tourists to party until dawn and fully feel that they are on the famous French Riviera.
In order to facilitate the exploration of the city by night, Ligne d’Azur, the company responsible for the public transport system in Nice, created a night service, called Noctambus.

On this street, lined up with the sea, there are also the two casinos from Nice – Le Ruhl and Palais de la Mediterranee.
The gaming scene from Nice is not necessarily the widest on the French Riviera, but it is sophisticated enough to please and serve the gaming passionates.
If Le Ruhl Casino is the property of Lucian Barriere Hotels & Casinos, Palais de la Méditerranée is administered by the hotel at whose first floor it is located, from the immediate proximity of the famous Negresco.
Le Ruhl Casino is on Promenade des Anglais at number 1, and the connaisseurs claim that this is the brilliant casino from Nice, a real symbol of the city.
Besides the proper gaming areas (an area for slot machines and one where the visitors can have fun playing live blackjack, roulette and poker), the casino also has two bars, two restaurants, as well as a show hall fully equipped so as to satisfy the highest exigencies.
The electronic games area has the largest number of machines on the French Riviera and bets starting from 1 eurocent.
the casino is also famous for its cabaret shows which include all the typical details for such representations.
The customers and the visitors must comply with the dress code requested by the casino.
The schedule is from 9 AM until 4 AM. In the evening the live table games open, and poker is very well represented by cash tables, Hold’em, Ultimate poker, but also by traditional tournaments.
The Casino Palais de la Méditerranée which is also located on Promenade des Anglais, at number 15, in the immediate proximity of the famous hotel Negresco, one of the Nice symbols, deployed at the ground floor of the hotel with the same name, administered by the famous hotel network Hyatt Regency, part of the Constellation Hotels Holding.
The hotel whose frontages were declared in 1989 architecture monument, was built in 1929 for the American millionaire Frank Jay Gould, and in the next year it was completed with a casino, a theater, a restaurant and a cocktail bar. At the beginning it was an excellent arts center, many national and international exhibitions taking place here.
In July 2016, on Bastille Day, while a crowd of people were walking on the Promenade, a terrorist hit the crowd by truck, hurting many of them, before being killed by the police right next to Palais de la Méditerranée.
The casino has 180 slot machines with bets of minimum 1 eurocent, 38 electronic English Roulette tables with bets between 1 and 2 euro and an electronic Blackjack table. Live games are represented by 2 English Roulette tables with bets of minimum 5 euro, 3 Blackjack tables with bets of minimum 5 euro and 2 Ultimate poker tables with bets of minimum 2 euro.
A restaurant and a bar complete the location.
The schedule for the live game area is from Monday to Friday from 20:00 to 03:00. In week end and on holidays, the schedule extends until 4 in the morning.
The schedule for the electronic area starts at 10 AM, every day of the week. The customers and visitors must comply with the casino’s dress code.
In our future edition we will talk about our last stop on the French Riviera, the city of Cannes, where gaming harmoniously blends with the famous film festival, and also with the effervescent history of the place.

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