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After leaving the Principality of Monaco it is a good idea to move away from the coast road and visit two of the gorgeous and famous localities from the region, namely La Turbie and Eze.
The traveller must know that in this part of France, although the mountain vanishes into the sea, there are three roads, at different heights, as the relief allowed it, but also a breathtaking highway with abrupt slope and with an impressive number of tunnels.
Each road has its picturesque and, if the one at the sea level lets you admire every little gulf created in the mountain, and the median one takes you through the typical villages from the Provence region, that situated on top of the mountain allows you to see the entire landscape, the view losing somewhere in the offing of a proverbial blue. But even the highway has, from time to time, places where, if you don’t drive too fast, you can admire a bit of the landscape.
Once arrived in La Turbie, locality with a history that goes back in Ancient times, an important source of construction rock for the entire region, you must visit the Augustus Trophy, a famous monument from the Romans’ time.
The little town La Turbie, who passed, turn by turn, under the lead of the House of Savoy as well as under the Monaco Princes, also has a sad history: it is here, in September 1982, that Princess Grace of Monaco died in a tragic accident.
History also makes famous the small town Eze, where the Medieval castle is fully inhabited, having even a 5-star hotel inside.
But at Eze not only history is important. There are here two museums that enchant the tourists from the entire world, namely the museums of the greatest perfume makers in the entire world, those of the companies Fragonard and Galimard. Each museum also has a small factory so that the visitors can see the entire technological process of the perfumes, starting with the essence and finishing with the packaging in the most attractive bottles.
Returning on the road guarding the Mediterranean Sea, one must look not only after the spectacular landscapes, but also to the traffic signs, especially those indicating the maximum speed allowed because fixed radars watch everywhere.
The road passes by a gorgeous locality called, for good reason Beaulieu sur Mer (Beauti ful place by the sea n.n), one of the most beautiful resorts on the French Riviera, where everyone feels well, either they are youngsters in love, families or older tourists. And where does a casino best fit in if not in a place where everyone is ready for fun…

Well, in the middle of the resort there can be found, in a beautiful Belle Epoque building, the casino from Beaulieu.
The casino, a true legend on the French Riviera, is situated at an equal distance (10Km) from Nice and from Monaco and is open every day of the year, starting with 10:00 AM.
The table games one can find here are: three tables of English Roulette (with a minimum stake of 2 Euro), three tables of Black Jack (with a minimum stake of 10 Euro), one table of Stud Poker (with a minimum stake of 5 Euro), one table of Punto Banco (with a minimum stake of 20 Euro), one table of Ultimate Hold’em Poker (with a minimum stake of 5 Euro) and one table of Three Card Poker (with a minimum stake of 5 Euro). There is also an electronic roulette with six posts (with a minimum stake of 1 euro) and 75 cutting edge slot machines, all equipped with TITO payment system.
All the games, together with the progressive Jackpot provide you with a great winning chance and also with guarantee fun. Inside the casino there are several bars and restaurants at the disposal of the visitors, and also a terrace open in the summer season.
The casino may host concerts or private events, like conferences or even family events, disposing of special halls which may be customized by the requests. Going forward we are anxious to get to another seaside city, Nice.
But about this amazing city and its casinos we’ll speak in our next edition.

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