Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono moderated the panel dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the gaming industry

Being scheduled in the middle of the day, on the agenda of the Budapest conference, the seminar dedicated to Artificial Intelligence enjoyed plenty of success among those present.
Initially announced as one of the keynote speakers, Sebastian Meitz (Gaming 5.0) together with Michiel van der Burgh (Acapture), could not make it there, because he was ill. His place was taken by dr. Joseph Borg (WH Partners), being invited by the moderator of the panel, Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono, President of Casino Life & Business Magazine.
The talks were very intense and well documented, the two guests answering very professionally the moderator’s questions.
The discussions initiated from the definition of the Artificial Intelligence focused on its role in tracking down gaming addiction or frauds, but also any probable evolution, in direct connection with the gaming industry.
Another series of questions aimed at the influence of Artificial Intelligence over the player’s gaming experience, over the knowledge of his profile by the moderator and also on the possibility of replacing the human factor by it.

At the end Mihnea Popescu-Grisogono declared us: “There were very technical, well-argued talks, with some interlocutors who know very well this field. Everyone understood what is going on and what they can expect to. Unfortunately, we are speaking about Artificial Intelligence which cannot stop Natural Stupidity”.

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