If you want to differentiate yourself from competition it is important that, as a casino or gaming room’s owner to offer customers the most enhanced experience wile at your place.
The fast development of technology has changed the rules of the game and when the management team sets up the revenue growth tactics they also think about improving the services provided to players.
Let us present you ten ways NEWTON can help you increase your revenue and customer’s loyalty:

1. Create a “Player Card Club” based on player cards!
One of the most effective loyalty methods for players is loyalty cards. The NEWTON module, which features Player and Bonus Tracking has had been developed because of our understanding of the need of our partners into developing a long term business.
The NEWTON loyalty module is available in two card reader versions:
• Classic card reader
The card reader is installed on each slot machine and with it, by entering the card, the user gets authenticated. It has status lights in different colors and a simple design which does not affect the appearance of the slot machine. Authentication can be performed simultaneously on multiple slot machines and permanent presence of the card in the reader is not necessary.
• Contactless Card Reader
The RFID support can be of any kind, from the cards that are currently used in the classic loyalty module to tags, key rings and even smartphones and mobile devices. The chipset and antenna embedded on a smartphone’s case, for example, gives the player the ability to just approach the phone by the contactless reader to log in to your loyalty system.
The small dimensions of the contactless reader and the similar look with the game buttons makes it fit perfectly on the button panel of the slot machine and the assembly is much faster than the classic version, because it requires a smaller space.

2. Familiarize yourself with your customers!
The operators of your game room need to know as much details as possible about your players: what is their favorite drink, when is their birthday, how they drink their coffee, favorite games and so on. Customers feel important when they are welcomed at the entrance and get their favorite drink without asking for it; like this you offer them a quality service and regardless the amount that they play, you give them the felling that they are important to you. With the NEWTON Tracking Player system you can record all these details in the account of each customer who owns a fidelity card and this information can be accessed at any time.

3. Invest in people!
NEWTON’s management system stores all the information you need from SAS events to all transactions made by your players. This information can help you find the right marketing solutions for your specific needs. Maybe your employees do not know how to use the system to its true value, so we encourage you to send them to our trainings. Our team can teach them how to extract this valuable information, how to interpret them and how to turn them into “answers”.

4. Give prizes and rewards outside of your location too!
If you already use NEWTON’s loyalty module, the next step is to deploy the automatic raffle system. This feature allows players to receive raffle tickets automatically, printed directly into the drawing box. You can offer your players vouchers and gifts to local producers and entrepreneurs, depending on customer preferences. Make barter with a local restaurant, with a local fuel supplier or maybe you own another HORECA business.

5. Check inactive players!

The NEWTON system can generate a Player Report with the information recorded in their accounts. There is also a search engine available, based on the customer’s name and the possibility to filter information by a certain period of time. The report will display from a list of more than 30 items the information relevant to you. This will make it very easy to identify inactive or very rare players and find out why they are not coming so often, where they go and what attracts them there.

6. Focus on customer service!
It is very important to involve all personnel in the meetings about the promotional campaigns that you are doing. The player-oriented attitude of your staff along with NEWTON’s promotional campaigns will make players feel recognized and appreciated. Promote your entire marketing plan with NEWTON features: display promotional texts on all jackpot monitors via “Message crawler”, describe the campaigns and upload their rules on the NEWTON Info point; device that can be customized with your company logo.

7. Create promotions and individual bonuses!
Use the functions of the NEWTON system and once a month award a substantial prize within a thematic evening. Make sure your players talk about your location and recommend it when going home or out with friends. You have: Hidden Jackpot, Chain Reaction, Running Jackpot, Timed Jackpot and a variety of campaigns that can be set based on Loyalty Points. Go forward and activate the player’s individual bonus and slot machine bonus on the new LCD Loyalty Module. The player’s individual bonus is activated for each player in return for a correct reward. For the player it represents a secure prize, winning it is just a matter of time. Stimulate them the competitive spirit with the slot machine bonus, a bonus that can only be won by using the Loyalty card. Both bonuses are visible in real-time on the LCDs installed on each slot machine.

8. Reevaluate your campaigns!
Are you still organizing traditional draws based on the vouchers you buy from different printers and which your employees offer for total IN or free games? Test the NEWTON automatic tombola module! Based on player loyalty points, the system will automatically generate raffle tickets depending on your terms. The tickets will be automatically printed in a sealed box; you will get rid of all the discussions with customers who may feel unhappy about the old way of giving vouchers and your employees will no longer waste time keeping track of them. Automating this feature will make it easier for players to participate in the promotional campaigns you make and will give them confidence, bringing a boost to your company’s image.

9. Client management!
Talk to operators and room managers all the time, and give them free hand to reward customers with personalized offers. Your employees are the ones who know best the customers, they get direct contact with the players and through the NEWTON system they can give them: double points within a certain time interval, a certain number of points for their birthday, bonus points for that they recommended the location and came with a new player. They can identify with the help of the NEWTON system VIP clients and they can give them the chance to be the first to test new slot machines in your venue.

10. Use the NEWTON system 100%!
If you are already our partner, you have everything you need to energize your location and all the tools for a marketing plan tailored to your needs.
The NEWTON system is 100% customizable and has the flexibility you need to get as close as possible to your customers and reward them in a variety of ways. It is a system that you can rely on and that offers you solutions for a higher percentage of customer retention and further for revenue increase.

Often, the best marketing strategy is to get the most from what you have and if you do not have the NEWTON system already installed, contact us!

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